'Jersey Shore' Fans Flip Out Over Psychic Prediction About Angelina's Wedding Disaster

Fans of MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation flipped out after viewing the series' latest episode. As Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, and Deena Nicole Cortese attended Angelina Pivarnick's wedding rehearsal dinner, viewers felt they came face-to-face with their future and the upheaval they would cause at the reception. The source of their eerie feelings? Angelina's psychic grandmother, also named Angelina.

After their arrival at the rehearsal dinner for Angelina and Chris Larangeira, Jenni finally met the woman whom she had spoken to on the phone only once earlier. During a previous conversation, grandma Angelina warned Jenni about her boyfriend Zach Clayton Carpinello. In an earlier episode, she also predicted Jenni's divorce from Roger Mathews.

Jenni stated during the episode that she was excited to see grandma Angelina and noted she felt she had to befriend her because of her ability to predict the future. Her concerns were spot on as both Nicole and Deena were warmly greeted by the family matriarch while Jenni was given the cold shoulder. Jenni tried to say hello, but grandma Angelina ignored her.

Jenni admitted she didn't understand why she was ignored and remarked she felt grandma didn't like her.

Fans of the series quickly jumped on the clip, seen on the show's Instagram page, with their own comments regarding what they felt was a prediction of the drama to come during Angelina's wedding reception.

The cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation also tweeted their own reactions to the episode, including Angelina, who made a surprising remark in regard to her grandmother's abilities.

"She's giving that, 'I know what you gonna do tomorrow' look," declared one viewer of the series.

"Grandma was scary. That look of death stare went straight to my soul," said a second fan.

"Grandmom gave me the creeps can't wait to find out why she was looking at Jenni like that," remarked a third Instagram user.

"I have never seen JWoww look so scared and intimidated," stated a fourth fan.

To defend his longtime pals, Vinny Guadagnino remarked on Twitter that he felt the girls weren't the best speech writers, but they were never malicious in their intentions toward Angelina.

The infamous speech made by Jenni, Nicole, and Deena that reportedly ruined their friendship with Angelina and caused Nicole to quit the series was also teased during the show's most recent episode.

The women wrote down some of the most raunchy things they had experienced with their friend. It appeared as they wrote it, corroborated by Vinny's tweet above, their words were not crafted with hate in their hearts. It seemed they thought they were being funny and that Angelina would enjoy their off-color humor.