Hanna Oberg Flaunts Powerful Legs In Low-Impact HIIT Workout

Hanna Oberg takes a mirror selfie.
Hanna Oberg / Instagram

Fitness model Hanna Oberg showed off her powerful legs in her latest home workout video targeting the lower body. She posted the low-impact HIIT workout to popular social media site Instagram on Thursday, May 28.

For the workout, Hanna wore a matching shirt and shorts outfit. The light-gray top had long sleeves and ended at the top of her rib cage, teasing a strip of toned tummy. The words Gymshark were written in black along the back of the shirt. The tight-fitting shorts also had the name of the activewear brand written across the back of the waistband, which rose high on the model’s hips. The shorts ended mid-thigh and clung to her curvy backside and legs, leaving plenty of skin on display.

Hanna completed the outfit with a pair of white and black Nike sneakers and white Gymshark socks that extended to mid-calf level. She accessorized with a black exercise watch and wore her curly brunette tresses pulled back in a ponytail to keep her hair out of her face while she worked out. Hanna completed the look with what appeared to be a touch of black mascara and glossy lips.

The low-impact HIIT workout consisted of five different exercises, each one separated into its own short clip in the post. Hanna carried out the workout in an indoor space with plenty of light and did not use any equipment, relying instead on body weight for resistance.

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HIIT – legs burnout as you know I’m 3,5 months postpartum and it’s a bit early for a HIIT session with high intensity and as it also requires you do jump up and down a lot.. we should be a bit careful with that so close to PP. but this lesssss then 15min LOW IMPACT HIIT WORKOUTS has brought me loads of joy to break sweat at home ???????? legs are buuuuring. let me know what you think PLEASE be sure to LIKE ???? & SAVE the video that means a lotttt thank you METHOD: 4 rounds x 30-60sec on and 2min rest between rounds 1️⃣ Light lunge jumps | 4rounds x 30sec 2️⃣ RDL Pulses | 4rounds x 30sec 3️⃣ Pulse (1,1/2rep) wall sissy squats| 4rounds x 30sec 4️⃣ Wide stuff DL taps to Squats | 4rounds x 30sec 5️⃣ Glute bridge pulses to Hamstring curl | 4rounds x 30sec wearing @gymshark NEW FLEX live live liiiive at the web. Directlink in bio. If you need more help about sizing, pop into my stories Song is: no way – crazy cousinz ft. Yxng bane ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

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The first exercise in the set was light lunge jumps. The fitness trainer bent low into each lunge and moved her legs quickly to keep her heart rate up. In the second video, Hanna demonstrated RDL pulses, which involved kicking one foot out in front of her while bending into a mini-squat. Hanna moved into wall sissy squats with pulses next, pushing her heels up against the wall to complete the move.

In the fourth video, Hanna showed her followers how to do wide stiff DL taps to squats, while the fifth video featured the glute bridge to hamstring curl with pulses. For all five exercises, Hanna recommended her followers complete four rounds each of 30 seconds. They should rest for two minutes in between rounds.

In the caption, Hanna explained to her fans that she was still taking her workouts easy at 3.5 months postpartum. She wanted to do a low-impact workout that didn’t require a lot of jumping. The model asked her followers to let her know what they thought in the comments section of the post. Many Instagram users enjoyed Hanna’s latest workout and its modifications.

“Love the modified lunge jumps,” one follower commented.