Abby Dowse Flaunts Insane Body, Sexy Thighs In Lace Panties & Cropped Hoodie

Abby Dowse once again showed off her phenomenal figure on Instagram, much to her fans' delight. On Friday, the Aussie bombshell thrilled her admirers with a close-up view of her toned midriff and sexy thighs, ditching her pants to pose in nothing but black lace panties. The gorgeous model coupled the skimpy bottoms with a cropped hoodie that flaunted her abs, finishing off the hot look with black thigh-high socks to match her thong.

The upload saw the beauty posing on her balcony, a setting familiar to her fans from previous posts. The 30-year-old stood with her back to the wall, leaning towards the camera. The shot only showed her perfect hourglass frame and was cropped at the knees to keep the focus on her enviable curves. Likewise, her face was only partly featured in the snap, which just captured her voluptuous mouth.

The sizzling blonde posed with her legs spread and her hands firmly lodged on her thighs. Her fingers fanned out over her supple skin, showing off her shiny rings and signature white, short manicure. Her long socks had triple white stripes decorating the thigh band, which incidentally matched her nail polish, calling even more attention to her chiseled pins.

Her teeny thong completely bared her hips, thanks to its incredible high cut, and boasted a v-shaped waistline that exposed her impossibly flat tummy. The panties were crafted out of semi-sheer lace sporting a chic floral print, and featured a delicate scalloped trim that added femininity to the number. Her casual, sporty crop top seemingly balanced out the seductive lingerie, though it actually only served to emphasize it. The playful, bubblegum-pink long-sleeved hoodie was inscribed with the word "babygirl" in large, black font across the front, along with Japanese lettering on the bottom. Abby made her caption all about the endearing nickname, penning a flirtatious remark followed by a two-hearts emoji.

The Instagram sensation paired the smoking-hot look with a stylish glam and appeared to be rocking a pink lip gloss to match her hoodie. She added extra bling with her usual large hoop earrings, pulling up her hair to show off the jewelry. Her golden tresses looked tousled and brushed over her face, adding to her allure. Abby gave off sultry vibes as she parted her lips in a provocative way, sending temperatures soaring all over her feed.

Her sculpted figure immediately caught the eyes of her followers, reeling in more than 2,100 likes in the first nine minutes of posting. Within an hour, the photo amassed 8,480 likes and 232 comments. Fans seemed entranced with the spicy look, leaving gushing messages wherein they told Abby she was "amazing," "so perfect," and "of a unique beauty."

"Babygirllllll [heart-eyes emoji] Looking so damn good," wrote one person, adding a fire emoji to their comment.

"Your figure is so insane [screaming-face emoji] Always looking flawless," another comment read, followed by a heart-eyes emoji.

"Body is unreal," agreed a third Instagram user, ending with the same emoji in cat version.

"Omg you just kill me every time," a fourth fan raved, leaving a fire emoji as well.