Ainsley Rodriguez Snacks On Fruit In Underwear With Her Yorkie By Her Side

Ainsley Rodriguez snaps a selfie.
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez literally stripped down to her underwear in the most recent upload that was added to her Instagram account. The May 27 shot has only been live on her page for a little shy of 24 hours, but it’s earned a ton of attention.

The photo captured Ainsley hanging out at home with her adorable Yorkshire Terrier by her side. She did not use a geotag to indicate her exact location, but in her caption, she promoted her at-home fitness program that kicks off in four days. She posed on top of a coffee table that rested on top of a gray shag rug. At her back was a red couch with taupe, gold, and nude decorative pillows that gave the space a chic vibe.

The fitness coach knelt down on the table and stared into the camera with a piece of fruit wedged between her front and bottom teeth. She held a plastic container full of fruit in one hand and showed off her famous figure in a skimpy outfit.

On top, Ainsley opted for a black tank top with a Motley Crue graphic on the front. Its sides were tied and exposed a tease of her skin underneath, as well as her bronzed arms. The tank cut off near her ribs, leaving her fit abs and sculpted hip bones in full view of the camera.

Ainsley’s bottoms were just as sexy and boasted a dark red fabric that matched the color of her couch. The piece’s thick bands stretched across her hips and showcased her thighs, which she has worked hard to sculpt in the gym, as indicated by her workout videos. She added a few accessories to her outfit, including a black necklace with a sterling silver charm and a bracelet to match. She also wore black nail polish.

Ainsley also rocked a gorgeous application of makeup that appeared to include defined brows, eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. She straightened her silky black locks and added a side part to her flowing mane.

Fans have shown nothing but love for the image, and it’s amassed over 28,000 likes and 700 comments.

“Can’t wait awesome day gorgeous.. take care,” one follower commented, with a thumbs-up emoji.

“You look amazing ainsley as always,” a second social media user chimed in.

“Do you think people who commit to the 4 week challenge will see a difference in their body over the 4 weeks (or is that too short of a time)?” another fan asked.