Melissa Riso Sizzles In Neon Green Bikini: ‘Sometimes I Wish I Was Taller’

Melissa Riso on Instagram.
Melissa Riso / instagram

Melissa Riso flaunted her smoking hot body in a skimpy bikini on Instagram and shared one of her wishes with her followers. The model, who is 5-foot-two-inches, said she wanted to be taller, and the sentiment combined with the photo garnered plenty of attention.

In the image, Melissa stood next to a brown wood plank and gray brick wall. She stood on one toe, stretching her height a few inches, while the other pointed toe rested slightly below her knee, showing off a light-colored pedicure. The pose highlighted the model’s incredible toned legs, which were tanned golden brown. Melissa wore neon green string bikini bottoms that tied at her hip and dipped down low in front, revealing her flat stomach and curvaceous backside. She paired them with a matching bikini top featuring two triangles that covered her breasts while leaving plenty of cleavage visible. The top’s strings tied around her neck and her back.

Melissa appeared to wear blended eyeshadow and thick dark eyelashes with eyeliner for the photoshoot. Her cheeks also seemed to be rosy with blush. It’s unclear what, if any, lip color she wore. The beauty’s raven hair fell in curls over one shoulder from a side part. Her fingernails featured a manicure that looked like it matched her pedicure. As an accessory, the model wore two short gold necklaces around her neck.

In the caption, in addition to mentioning she’d always wanted to be taller, Melissa used a curse word and noted that she’s a boss no matter what her height is. The actress credited Studio 977 as the photographer, and plenty of people shared their love for her post. More than 5,600 Instagrammers hit the “like” button and nearly 220 left a positive message for Melissa. The flame emoji appeared often in the comments, indicating that many users felt the neon bikini was hot.

“You are perfect the way you are,” declared one devotee.

“The best are always in small packages,” asserted another Instagrammer, who also included three rose emoji.

“Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful gorgeousness once again with this glorious photo!!!” a different follower wrote.

A few daring Instagrammers even shared their own wishes.

“I would have to find out how ticklish your ribs are! #CoochieCoochieCoo,” teased one devotee.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Melissa showed off her smoking hot body in a lingerie set recently. In that shot, she wore a navy blue bra and matching panties.