Suzanne Morphew Has Now Been Missing For Three Weeks, Police Conclude Search Of Her Home

Colorado mother Suzanne Morphew, who disappeared on Mother's Day on May 10 during a bike ride, has now been missing for three weeks. Since her disappearance, law enforcement and FBI agents have been combing her family's Maysville property looking for clues. They have now concluded their search of her home and have released the property back to the family, according to The Daily Mail.

The 49-year-old mother of two was at her family's $1.5 million home alone when she decided to go for the bike ride. Her two adult daughters were not at the residence and her husband Barry was said to be in Denver where he was attending a volunteer firefighter training. Her daughters, Mallory and Macy, were in another state at the time and became concerned when they could not get in contact with their mother. They notified a neighbor who alerted the authorities.

Even though law enforcement concluded the search of Morphew's home, they took plenty with them. Photographs of law enforcement agents leaving the large property show them carrying stacks of paperwork, evidence bags, and other equipment. The agents can be seen wearing rubber gloves, and much of the wooded property appears to have been blocked off with yellow crime tape.

Because police no longer have custody of the home, Morphew's husband and daughters are now legally permitted to re-enter the residence.

Law enforcement has been very tight-lipped regarding the case and has not revealed what they took from the home or whether or not they currently have any suspects. Nevertheless, they have reached out to the public to ask them for support in finding out what happened to Morphew. Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze recently revealed that he believes someone out there knows something that can help them put the pieces together in this case. Thus, the FBI has set up a new tip line has been set up for community members to provide information.

"Someone has that key piece of information in this case that will help us locate Suzanne. I'm asking our community members to continue to use the tip line to provide any information, no matter how inconsequential the tip may seem," said Spezze.

Meanwhile, Morphew's husband has pleaded for his wife's safe return.

"Oh Suzanne, if anyone is out there and can hear this, that has you, please, we'll do whatever it takes to bring you back," he said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Morphew's husband is reportedly distraught over her disappearance and has been restless throughout the search process.