'General Hospital' Two-Week Teasers: The Walk Down Memory Lane Continues With More Nurses Ball Encores

Throughout the next two weeks, ABC will continue to air reruns of General Hospital each weekday. Some new teasers about what viewers will be seeing for the weeks of June 1 and June 8 have now become available, and it sounds like there is great stuff on the way.

This week, viewers have revisited Nurses Ball episodes from 2014 and 2015. According to SheKnows Soaps, the annual event will continue to be the main focus for these encore episodes for now.

On Monday, fans will go back to the 2016 Nurses Ball. A pre-teen Emma Scorpio-Drake performed, as did Jake Spencer and Franco Baldwin. The "Magic Milo" crew returned to the stage, and off-stage drama involved Nikolas, Hayden, Ava, and Carly.

After that, ABC will move forward to the 2017 Nurses Ball for several days. The Chimera canister and necklace were central to these episodes, and Morgan Corinthos was struggling with his mental health. In addition, Nelle Benson was in the hospital, and a concerned Michael Corinthos paid her a visit.

In terms of performances, Josslyn Jacks, Valentin Cassadine, Emma, and Kristina Corinthos-Davis were among the Port Charles residents who took the stage. These 2017 reruns will also give fans a chance to revisit the sweet duet that Kiki Jerome and Dillon Quartermaine did together.

On Friday, June 5, General Hospital moves forward to the 2018 event. This had Chase Harrison's first Nurses Ball performance, a proposal from Curtis to Jordan, and issues involving Finn, Anna, and Alexis.

The 2018 Nurses Ball drama carries over into the week of June 8. On Monday and Tuesday, everybody will see the fallout from Finn's misstep along with the early days of Peter with Maxie along with a lot of Valentin drama.

The remainder of the week of June 8 jumps forward one more year, to last year's Nurses Ball. This means that people will see plenty of chaos related to both Shiloh Archer and Ryan Chamberlain.

While these episodes are fairly recent, the fallout from some of these big moments continues to influence present-day Port Charles events. It's possible that viewers may pick up on some interesting tidbits they missed the first time around, knowing where things stand now.

What does ABC have planned in terms of reruns beyond that? General Hospital fans would love to go further back in time, revisiting Nurses Balls from the early years of the soap. There are also plenty of major tragic storylines that could be shown again, from trainwrecks to fires to kidnappings.

Right now, it's not known how long this encore show plan will remain in place. Production has not been able to resume since being put on hold in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fans will be anxious to know when filming can begin again, knowing that new episodes should be able to return shortly after that. In the meantime, everybody can sit back and enjoy some fun Nurses Ball encore shows that are always jam-packed with great performances.