‘Grocery Store Joe’ Amabile Dances Around Questions Regarding Current Relationship Status With Kendall Long

Kendall Long and Joe Amabile arrive at The Gentle Barn's 20th anniversary celebration
Morgan Lieberman / Getty Images

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise have been speculating about the current state of things between former lovebirds Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile. Despite officially going their separate ways a few months ago, some people suspect that this romantic relationship may not be permanently over. Now, it seems that Joe isn’t going to either confirm or deny much of anything on this front.

Us Weekly recently asked Joe about his relationship with Kendall. He is living back home in Chicago, Illinois, these days, while she remains in Los Angeles, California. Despite that, they are still in close contact.

“We remained close friends and we probably always will, I think,” Joe acknowledged.

Kendall and Joe announced the end of their relationship in late January, confirming what quite a few Bachelor in Paradise fans had started to suspect. Apparently, a big issue was that they couldn’t agree on where they wanted to raise a family. Kendall wanted to stay in Los Angeles and Joe wanted to be near family in Chicago.

Recently, however, people noticed that the two seemed to be spending time together again. Joe and Kendall appeared to be having sushi together, but they never overtly revealed that.

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Of that rumored recent reunion in Los Angeles, Joe avoided directly confirming it.

“I can’t say I was in L.A., can’t say that I wasn’t. That’s all I can tell you… L.A.’s a great city so we’ll see. But right now at this time in my life, being here [in Chicago] definitely makes the most sense,” Joe said.

Joe may have left Kendall, the apartment they shared, and the dog they’d adopted together behind, but he now acknowledges that they didn’t entirely cut ties.

“She’s from L.A. and I’m from Chicago, so it just became too big of a hurdle at this time in our lives, but we remain close. We still talk almost every day,” the Bachelor in Paradise veteran admitted.

For now, Kendall and Joe do appear to both be building their respective projects separately, in separate cities. At the same time, it doesn’t appear that either of them have started any new serious, romantic relationships.

Joe may not want to confirm that he recently spent time with Kendall in person, but his non-denial seemed to essentially be an acknowledgment they were together. They may be apart for now, but Bachelor in Paradise fans probably cannot help but suspect that both Kendall and Joe are open to a romantic reunion at some point.