May 28, 2020
Kelly Clarkson Teams Up With John Stamos For Special 'QUARaoke' Performance Of 'Kokomo'

Kelly Clarkson treated her fans to a special social distance performance of a beloved song by The Beach Boys on Thursday, and she got a little help from Full House star John Stamos.

Their fun remotely filmed music video aired during the latest episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the tune they covered was the perfect pick for Kelly's "QUARaoke" segment.

"Kokomo" is about a desire to get away from it all, and many of Kelly's viewers are likely feeling this way after spending months at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly and John were joined by Kelly's bandmates in the summery video. It also included plenty of beach imagery, including crashing ocean waves and bare feet walking in damp sand.

Kelly is currently in Montana self-isolating with her family, so she had to get creative with her own visual contributions to the tropical paradise theme. She appeared to be makeup-free as she sang in front of a blank wall, but her blond hair was styled in glamorous waves. Animated pineapples, flip-flops, smiling suns, and sunglasses added a little color to her footage.

As for John, he replicated his role in the 1988 "Kokomo" music video by playing the bongos. However, instead of rocking a bright pink tank top, he wore a blue Hawaiian shirt and a pair of aviator sunglasses. Kelly's bandmates sported similar tropical attire, and they chose filming locations that fit with the song's summer vibe. These included an inflatable kiddie pool, the edge of a body of water that looked more like a creek than the sea, and an area in front of fence that provided a backdrop of gorgeous green plants.

Kelly's backup singer, Jessi Collins, went all-out by filming inside what appeared to be a wooden hot tub. She rocked a pair of cat-eye sunglasses with reflective pink lenses, and she had a refreshing tropical drink in one hand. Her adorable dog joined her, and the canine had everyone else beat when it came to his attire. The cute pooch rocked a small Hawaiian shirt, a matching bucket hat, and even a pair of tiny sunglasses.

The "Kokomo" cover was a big hit with Kelly's fans. It was later shared on her talk show's YouTube page, where the rave reviews came flooding in.

"I love this song and this video!" wrote one fan in the comments section.

"I felt this in my soul," another admirer remarked.

"It brightens my soul that happiness like this still exists," a third comment read.

"This made my week! I needed the smiles this video and song brought!" a fourth fan gushed. "Thank you, Kelly, John, Jessie and everyone else!"