Sara Underwood Shares Stunning Risque Snap & Embraces Her ‘Hippie Spirits’

Sara Underwood attends the Queen + Adam Lambert Post-Show VIP reception
David Becker / Getty Images

Former Playboy model Sara Underwood caused quite the stir with her Thursday morning Instagram post. The blond bombshell posted a photo that she credited to her boyfriend Jacob Witzling, and it was one of the most risque shots she has shared in recent weeks.

Sara is known for posting gorgeous snaps featuring both her phenomenal curves and stunning natural backdrops. That was the case with this new upload as well, but it appeared that she was entirely nude in this case.

There was no location detailed in the geotag for Sara’s latest post, and she did not specify when it was taken. It appeared to be in the midst of some steep sand dunes in an area that formulated something of a tunnel effect.

For this new upload, Sara was sitting with her bare bum on the sand and her legs pulled in close to touch her thighs. She had her bare breasts pressed against her legs, and she gazed over her shoulder toward Jacob.

Sara draped one arm over a knee, and the other was bent with a hand raised to her face. Her blond hair appeared to be styled simply, and she seemed to have a serious expression on her face. The shot was taken from a bit of a distance, but it didn’t seem that the model wore any accessories of any kind. Rather, it appeared that she remained fully nude from head to toe.

This artistic shot captured Sara’s physique from the side. The risque pose highlighted the model’s slim figure and hinted at her sultry curves. In just the first hour after she had first posted this photo on her Instagram page, more than 37,000 of her 9.2 million followers had already liked it.

There were about 300 comments posted in those initial moments as well and Sara’s followers were clearly mesmerized by this snapshot.

“What an amazing naturally sensual photo! Art,” wrote one follower.

“This image is beyond WOW,” declared a fan.

“Absolutely amazing one of the best photos ever,” praised another follower.

“You are everything so gorgeous inside and out,” someone else raved.

The former Playboy model turns heads in nearly everything she wears, even relatively simple ensembles. She always exudes confidence and a sexy vibe, whether she has on a bikini, lingerie, or a revealing outfit.

For as many sexy photos as she shares on Instagram, this one is unusual with Sara posing entirely nude. However, this artistic, carefully constructed setup gave fans something sensual and jaw-dropping that generated a lot of heat without ultimately revealing too much, and people clearly loved it.