James Holmes Was On Prescription Meds [Report]

Robert Jonathan

James Holmes, the Dark Knight Rises shooter, was taking prescription antidepressants according to newly unsealed search warrants and arrest documents.

In a search of the apartment of the suspect in the July 20 Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting, police reportedly turned up two pharmaceutical drugs on the premises: "They found prescription medication for sertraline, a generic version of Zoloft used to treat depression, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder; and Clonazepam, usually prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks."

The unsealed records also indicate that about a month before the crime, a University of Colorado-Denver psychiatrist warned campus police that Holmes may have had homicidal tendencies.

James Holmes now faces the death penalty in the midnight incident in which 12 persons were killed and some 70 wounded.

According to Mike Adams, the self-designated "health ranger," the drugs retrieved in James Holmes' apartment pose serious health risks to the patient as well as others: "These two drugs produce devastating, dangerous side effects. For example, clonazepam causes increased violent behavior in individuals with schizophrenia ... What's really important to note here is that alcohol consumption radically multiplies the side effects of clonazepam ... The side effects of sertraline, an SSRI drug, are also potentially deadly."

The Clonazepam-alcohol connection could be significant in that unsealed documents also show that investigators found "48 containers of beer and other liquor" in Holmes' apartment.

One common denominator in these horrible shooting rampages across the country appears to be that the suspects or perpetrators are on prescribed psychotropic drugs of some sort.

As The Inquistr wondered in a previous article, along with all the rhetoric and additional legislation regarding gun control following the tragic shooting rampages that have recently occurred, should America also consider prescription control as a way to prevent violence? Do you think that prescribing (or over-prescribing) mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs to children and young adults in the name of mental health creates a danger to them as well as society?