Cindy Prado Shows Some Serious Skin While Sipping Wine On Her Balcony: ‘Lost My Top Oopsy’

Cindy Prado runs her fingers through her hair while snapping a selfie photo.
Cindy Prado / Instagram

Cuban bombshell Cindy Prado showed some serious skin during her latest balcony hangout. The model stepped outside to relax in the bohemian-themed outdoor space with a glass of La Fête rosé and only half of her bikini for a sultry photoshoot that added some serious heat to her Instagram page.

In the caption of the post, Cindy explained that she had “lost [her] top,” though the move seemed intentional, as the images were taken in a seemingly professional manner. No matter the reason, her devoted fans certainly seemed delighted by the racy look that has proved to be a favorite in just a matter of hours.

The tantalizing upload included two photos of the model stretched out across a leopard-print chair. She held her glass of wine in one hand, using it to cover half of her bare chest as she posed for the camera. A bottle of the beverage was strategically placed on a small table in front of her to cover up the other side of her bosom, however, an ample amount of cleavage was still very much within eyesight to give the photos a sensual and seductive vibe.

Fortunately, Cindy did not “lose” the bottom half of her swimwear, which was a textured white number that perfectly suited her hourglass frame. The piece boasted a cheeky high-cut style that showcased her toned thighs and curves. She tied the string waistband high up on her hips to accentuate her trim waist. It also drew attention to the model’s flat midsection and sculpted abs.

Cindy’s scanty look was accessorized with two small necklaces and a thick chain bracelet that fell loose on her arm. She styled her honey-blond tresses down in loose feather waves that cascaded over her shoulders and down to her chest. She wore a full face of makeup to highlight her striking facial features. The application looked to include a pink lipstick and red blush, as well as a thick coat of mascara that made her piercing hazel eyes pop.

Many of the model’s 1.4 million followers seemed delighted by the double-pic update, with over 20,000 of them hitting the “like” button during its first hour of going live. Hundreds flocked to the comments section as well to further express their admiration Cindy’s risque look.

“Makeup on fleek!” one person wrote.

“These are two absolutely stunning photos of you,” remarked another fan.

“One of the sexiest women alive,” a third follower said.

“You are goals,” added a fourth admirer.

Cindy has been spending a lot of time on her balcony, but recently was able to get out of her apartment for a fun day of paddleboarding. She rocked a teeny-tiny string bikini in photos from her time on the water, which also fared extremely after she shared them with her fans. The post has earned nearly 34,000 likes and 265 comments to date.