Melania Trump Tried To Warn Donald To Take Coronavirus Seriously But He ‘Totally Blew Her Off,’ Report Claims

Donald and Melania Trump walk on the White House lawn.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

Melania Trump tried to warn her husband to take the emerging coronavirus outbreak seriously back in February, but he “totally blew her off” and continued to predict that the pandemic would soon go away, a new report claims.

The Vanity Fair report, citing White House insiders, claims that Donald Trump grew angry over the Memorial Day weekend as the American death toll from the pandemic neared 100,000, and he was inundated with critical coverage for his administration’s response. The report claimed that the president believed he was “COVID-19’s biggest victim” as the outbreak had crushed the once-soaring economy and, in Trump’s eyes, seriously harmed his reelection chances.

The report also claimed that much of the impact from the coronavirus could have been avoided had the president listened to his wife. The report claims that Melania Trump tried to warn Donald during their trip to India that he needed to take the outbreak seriously. At that time, the coronavirus had already spread out of China and was on the increase in Europe, especially in Italy.

But the president was not open to the warning from the first lady, an insider told Vanity Fair.

“He totally blew her off,” the source said, adding that Melania later told people close to her that Donald “only hears what he wants to hear and surrounds himself with yes-people and family.”

As the quote noted, many of Donald Trump’s close allies have echoed his early statements predicting that the outbreak would go away and have also repeated medical advice the president has shared that has been disputed by public health experts.

Donald Trump has been criticized for his lack of action in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, including several weeks he spent downplaying its severity and predicting that the outbreak would soon go away. As the president began to take it more seriously and institute lockdown guidelines, he reportedly continued to make a number of false statements about the virus itself, often leading to him being contradicted by experts on the White House coronavirus task force.

It is not just his wife that Donald Trump is accused of ignoring. As The Inquisitr reported, the president also failed to heed a number of early warnings from public health experts that the outbreak was likely to grow considerably worse than the initial few cases in January through the end of February. Trump has also been accused of failing to properly prepare the federal government by having enough testing and proper medical supplies that states would need to deal with the influx of cases that came in the early weeks.