May 28, 2020
John Stamos Posts Adorable Photo Of His Son Billy's 'Hair Envy'

John Stamos shared an adorable photo of his son Billy to Instagram as he promised the toddler he'll have hair just like his when he grows up.

In a new pic posted to the social media platform, the proud papa posed for a bathroom mirror selfie with his 2-year-old son in his arms. The photo showed Billy with his hair still wet from a bath as he playfully put his hands on his famous father's signature locks while they both stared at the mirror.

In the caption, Stamos, 56, joked that his son will "someday" have hair just like his. The Fuller House star added the hashtag "#hairenvy."

In the comments to the pic, fans raved about Stamos' cute bond with his son. Some fans recalled Stamos' Full House days as Uncle Jesse and how he would say, "not the hair, huh!" if someone tried to touch his iconic, slicked-back coif. Others noted that Stamos' son has inherited his healthy hair with his already shoulder-length curls.

"He's gonna have great hair like Daddy for sure!" one fan wrote.

"Although he has nothing to envy, those genes are already kicking in," another fan added.

"One day, Simba everything the light touches will be yours. Is all I could think of when you said this," another fan wrote. "Absolutely adorable and the kid's not bad either."

"Maybe he can grow the Uncle J mullet too," another fan joked.

While a few fans also asked if Billy has ever had a haircut, it's pretty clear Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, won't be quick to cut off their little boy's curls. In fact, Stamos has been preparing for the arrival of his son's hair since he was a newborn.

In 2018, when Billy was just 3 months old, Stamos dished that he would be sharing hair care tips with his son.

"I've been Googling a lot about where the kid gets the hair from — is it from the mother's grandfather or the father's side, all of that stuff," Stamos told In Style. "Some babies are born with crazy hair — people have sent me pictures. But he has nice hair. I mean, it better grow…"

Two years later, Billy has a full head of hair that would make Uncle Jesse proud, so those hair care tips should be coming in handy soon enough.

Stamos' new pic is the latest in an adorable stream of photos and videos he has shared of his son in recent months. The Fuller House star previously posted a video of a family singalong with Billy, as well as a photo of his son visiting him on the set of the Disney Plus series Big Shot.