Brittany Murphy's Clothes To Be Auctioned

Elaine Radford

Brittany Murphy's clothes, shoes, and handbags are being auctioned off online at Julien's Auctions on Sunday, but hurry up and place your bid. The auction is scheduled to end at 5 pm PDT.

I'd say that if you were the right size, then lot number #21, which contains a collection of four items that Murphy was known to have worn in public, might be of interest. The estate of Brittany Murphy has even supplied a description of where she was known to have worn the item.

For example, you can bid on a lot that includes "a black unlabeled sequined blouse with black silk Versace pencil skirt, together with a black silk robe with floral embroidery on the beige interior and a pair of Christian Dior peep-toe black leather pumps, size 36, worn by Murphy to the Dom Perignon launch party in June 2006 in Beverly Hills."

Michael Doyle, the consignment director for the auction house, told Yahoo! Shine that he spent around two years helping Murphy's mother Sharon select the items that went on sale today and that all profits go back to her mom.

The opening bids are tempting, starting at only $50 to $500, and it's anyone's guess where they go from there.

If I'm allowed to be the tiny nagging voice of negativity, it probably doesn't help the price that Sharon Murphy once filed a lawsuit alleging that 32-year-old Brittany Murphy and her 39-year-old husband Simon Monjack may have died because of toxic black mold in their home.

In 2010, the Los Angeles County coroner released a report that attributed her death to pneumonia, which she then over-treated with too many over-the-counter cold medications, leading to an accidental overdose. Monjack too died of pneumonia five months later.

Despite the lawsuit and some other odd behavior by Sharon during the time period after Brittany Murphy's death, I hasten to add that there was never any evidence produced of the alleged black mold.

Brittany Murphy's father attempted to sue the Los Angeles Coroner's Office, saying that he wanted their samples of his daughter's hair so he could get them tested by an independent lab. However, he apparently lost interest in the project, and the lawsuit was dismissed after he missed two court dates in a row.

The unlucky house where Murphy and Monjack died narrowly missed the auction block itself in 2011. Listed for sale for over $7 million in 2010, the Hollywood Hills home nearly went into foreclosure. The auction was deferred, and Sharon Murphy was ultimately permitted to list the home where Brittany Murphy lived and then died for a tad under $5 million.

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