Lauren Dascalo Poses In Silk Lingerie & Tells Fans She’s Thankful To Have Gained A Booty During The Quarantine

Lauren Dascalo snaps a selfie.
Lauren Dascalo / Instagram

Lauren Dascalo’s most recent social media share shows her going scantily-clad once again, this time in a sizzling lingerie set. The hot new Instagram share consisted of two photos that showcased her bombshell curves.

Both images captured the model posed in front of a large glass window that overlooked several palm trees. Sunlight spilled over the tree and illuminated its branches, making them different shades of green while a black-and-white marble wall added another edgy vibe to the shot. Lauren did not use a geotag that revealed her exact location, but in her caption, she confessed that she is grateful for the booty that she gained during the quarantine. The model asked fans to share things that they have been thankful for during this time and ensured all eyes were glued to her figure as she stripped down to a pair of silky lingerie.

The top of the two-piece set boasted a powder pink color that popped against her allover glow. The garment’s triangular cups didn’t cover her entire chest and left plenty of sideboob well on display. Its straps clasped around her shoulder blades and gave a generous view of her trim arms and sculpted back. Meanwhile, the garment’s cups were decorated with a lacy white fabric that drew even more attention to her bust.

Lauren’s tiny bottoms did just as much showing as her top and possessed the same power pink hue. She playfully tugged at the sides of the panties and exposed her muscular legs while a tan line helped to draw further attention to her taut tummy and tiny midsection. As the model indicated in her caption, the quarantine has given her a booty, and she made sure to show it off thanks to the piece’s cheeky cut.

Lauren did not add any additional accessories to her racy look and kept her hairstyle simple, wearing it straight and at her back. The model added a small amount of makeup, which helped to bring out her striking features and the look appeared to include eyeliner, mascara, blush, and highlighter.

It comes as no surprise that the post has earned Lauren rave reviews from her huge fan base. In two hours, the upload has amassed over 20,000 likes and 420 comments. Most Instagrammers gushed over Lauren’s body while a few more commented on what they have been grateful for during quarantine.

“How can you always look so great in every photo,” one follower asked the model.

“Oh damn wow good things come from bad times I guess,” a second fan chimed in with a series of flames.

“Omg your are actually perfect i can’t even,” another complimented.