Lindsey Pelas Wears A Sheer Top To Try Corona Beer Bottle Trick With Lauren Compton

Lindsey and Lauren attempted to replicate a TikTok star's video, and the results were disastrous.

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph
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Lindsey and Lauren attempted to replicate a TikTok star's video, and the results were disastrous.

Model Lindsey Pelas and comedian Lauren Compton wasted a few bottles of Corona beer to film a hilarious TikTok video. The two women were trying to replicate the results of a stunt performed by TikTok user Suely Medeiros. However, their numerous attempts were not successful.

On Tuesday, Lindsey shared the footage of her and Lauren’s failures on her TikTok account. In the video, the voluptuous model was a bit more covered up than fans are used to seeing her. Her outfit included a neon pink crop top. The curve-hugging shirt was sheer, and the black bra she wore underneath it was completely visible. She teamed the top with a pair of distressed high-waisted jeans.

As for Lauren, the TikTok star was also flaunting her hourglass curves in a skintight pink crop top. However, hers was a pale pastel pink hue. It featured a flirty drawstring detail on the front and a low V-neck. Her bottoms were a pair of charcoal gray sweatpants.

Lindsey’s TikTok upload included a clip from Suely’s original viral video. Suely had placed a red fabric napkin over two partially-full Corona bottles. Two upside-down Corona bottles also containing beer were balancing on top of the upright bottles, rim-to-rim. Suely was shown yanking the napkin out so that the glass containers didn’t topple over. As soon as she did this, the beer in the top bottles filled the lower bottles.

Lindsey and Lauren attempted the challenge with a red bandanna. They managed to successfully set the bottles up, but disaster struck each time they tried to yank the bandanna out. Lindsey made the first attempt, and she quickly jumped back as all but one bottle toppled over. Lauren laughed hysterically as beer spilled everywhere.


Lauren then gave the stunt a go three times in a row. Her last try was the least successful attempt. Instead of simply knocking three bottles over, she made all four of them fly off the table. The video ended with a shot of Lindsey and Lauren taking swigs of some of the beer that they hadn’t spilled.

Lindsey and Lauren didn’t succeed in pulling off the beer-balancing trick, but they did create a successful TikTok video.

“I could watch this one all day,” read one fan’s reaction to the video.

“The facial reactions are the best tho,” another commenter wrote.

“I’ve watched this like 15 times yesterday and it’s still Hilarious,” remarked a third admirer.

One fan asked Lindsey how many bottles of beer had to “die” in the making of her video.

“Too many!!! But we did drink some of the damage,” read Lindsey’s response.