Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Reportedly Hired Tyler Perry's Security Team & Are Footing The Bill Themselves

Prince Harry is reportedly not relying on his father, Prince Charles, to pay for his security in the U.S., a new report in the Daily Mail claimed. Previously, rumors had circulated that Charles was footing his younger son's security bill with his own personal income in order to help free up funds for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to pay back the money they owe the British government as a result of their renovations to Frogmore Cottage, the Sussexes primary U.K. residence.

However, a friend of Harry and Meghan Markle has allegedly set the record straight, telling The Daily Beast that Charles was not involved in the Sussexes' security bill. The source said the duo will reportedly pay for any costs relating to their security on their own.

The couple is not "asking for any special treatment" nor have they gotten any, the source said.

In fact, it seems the two have yet to settle on a full-time security team. Instead, they have been relying on the pre-existing security that was already established at Tyler Perry's residence. The couple has been living in Perry's Beverly Hills mansion ever since they moved to Los Angeles in March, although their living arrangement is unclear. The Daily Mail noted the estate hasn't been sold and it hasn't been determined if they are simply staying as Perry's guests or if they are officially renting from him.

This new information on their security arrangements came after recent reports surfaced that the Sussexes have been plagued with paparazzi ever since they moved to L.A. No less than five instances of drone-related trespassing have been reported to the LAPD, according to the Daily Mail. These intrusions have mainly involved the paparazzi-controlled drones flying within 20 feet of their house, which they are not allowed to do.

Armed police secure the route of the carriage procession prior to the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.
Getty Images | Frank Augstein - WPA Pool

The couple lost their government-sponsored security detail from the U.K. when they officially stepped back from being senior members of the royal family. They had originally been afforded a police guard in Canada, but that ended in mid-March. Furthermore, because the U.S. is not a part of the British Commonwealth, the States are under no obligation to provide the Sussexes with any security and President Donald Trump has chosen not to provide them with any, according to The Daily Beast.

In the rare instances the two have been seen out and about in L.A., they have been without a large security detail. So far, the couple has been seen delivering meals to those who were at high risk of contracting COVID-19 and walking their dogs.