New Videos Of George Floyd Incident In Minneapolis Emerge & Raise More Questions

Several video clips emerged Tuesday night in relation to the deadly incident which occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday evening that resulted in one man dead and four police officers getting fired. George Floyd died after being detained by officers and now several clips from the early parts of the incident have been made public.

One clip shared by KMSP showed two officers pulling Floyd out of his vehicle and putting him in handcuffs. The 45-second video was filmed through the windshield of a car parked directly behind Floyd's. One officer could be seen pulling him out from the driver's seat and seconds later, a second officer came over to assist.

In addition to that short video, on Tuesday night, CBS Evening News shared two new, separate clips from the incident via their Twitter page. This footage appears to show the early moments of the confrontation with Floyd after he was pulled from his car.

This new video came from a restaurant's security camera. The first one showed an officer walking Floyd from his black vehicle to the sidewalk. It appeared that he was already handcuffed and he appeared to be cooperating. Soon, he was sat down on the sidewalk, his back against the wall of the store behind him.

"From what I saw on the camera, it didn't really look like he was resisting at all," Rashad West, the owner of the Dragon Wok restaurant whose security footage was used, said.

The second short video clip seemed to pick up where the first one left off. Floyd could be seen sitting on the sidewalk with an officer standing in front of him. Another officer, seemingly the one who eventually had his knee on Floyd's neck, appeared to be talking to a couple of witnesses or bystanders in the background.

After a few seconds, the officer next to Floyd pulled him up by the shoulder to a standing position. As there was no sound, it cannot be discerned what Floyd was saying to the officer throughout the situation. He appeared to be distraught, but physically, he did not seem to be doing anything especially problematic.

The second officer came over and the two policemen walked a handcuffed Floyd toward the back of the police car. The trio does exit the frame at this point, and it appears this is the last of the footage made available prior to the bystander filming what happened once Floyd was on the ground.

Even with the addition of these video clips, there appear to be a couple of key moments from the event that were not captured on film that has been made public.

The bystander video began when the officer's knee was already on Floyd's neck and he was telling the officers he could not breathe. The video showed the officer remaining in that position with his knee on Floyd's neck for more than seven minutes. Toward the end, a limp Floyd could be seen being rolled over and taken by emergency personnel to the hospital, where he was soon pronounced dead.

Both federal and state authorities are investigating the case and the four officers involved have already been fired. Even with these new video clips, significant questions remain about what happened Monday night.