'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Flaunts Her Chiseled Abs In A Pink Bikini & Fans Fall In Love With Her Huge Jug

Treva Bowdoin

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee flaunted her fit physique in an Instagram photo that was a visual representation of her dedication to staying hydrated. The 25-year-old fitness model and trainer rocked a sporty bikini while she guzzled down water or some other beverage from a massive jug that matched her bathing suit.

In the social media snap, the Oklahoma native stood outside on her porch. She wore a bubblegum pink two-piece with a bralette top that had wide shoulder straps and a square neckline. The garment closely resembled a sports bra. Mackenzie's matching bottoms had a somewhat baggy fit. They were a pair of low-rise briefs that elongated her muscular torso. Mackenzie's swimsuit also showcased her impressively chiseled abs and powerful thighs.

The Body By Mac founder showed off her arm strength by drinking from a huge personal beverage cooler. Mackenzie's cylindrical jug was the exact same shade of pink as her bikini. It had a handle and a spout, and Mackenzie was lifting it up with both hands to take a swig of the liquid inside. As she did so, she flashed her bulging left bicep.

The mother of three wore her blond hair pulled up in a high folded-over ponytail. Her accessories included a smartwatch and a pair of dark sunglasses. On her feet, she wore a pair of Nike slide sandals with white soles and rose-gold straps.

"I wish I had your body! Great job girl!" read one response to her photo.

"Help a mama out on getting beautiful like you!! You look amazing, you should be proud of all that hard work. And you are an amazing mama to those kiddos!" another admirer wrote.

However, a large number of commenters were more obsessed with Mackenzie's water bottle than her gym-honed body.

"I want whatever you are drinking out of," one remark read.

"Where did you get that pink jug? I absolutely love that pink," another commenter wrote.

Unfortunately for fans of the cooler, Mackenzie didn't respond to the flood of questions about the container.

Before her jug became the talk of her Instagram page, Mackenzie was generating buzz by opening up about the demise of her marriage. She announced that she decided to ditch Josh for good after discovering that he had been texting her cousin, Ashley. She later clarified her initial comments by pointing out that she never accused Josh of cheating on her, but she felt betrayed that he was going behind her back and talking to Ashley about their personal life.