Lisa Morales Flaunts Figure In Sports Bra & Shows Fans Alternative Weight-Tracking Methods

Lisa Morales attends the Maxim Hot 100 Party.
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Lisa Morales showed off her hourglass figure when she recently took to Instagram. The model wore two outfits in a video that offered her fans an alternative to weighing themselves every morning.

Lisa wore a strappy pink sports bra and lilac striated yoga pants in the first half of the video. The athleisure wear clung to her perfect frame and showed off her hourglass figure. She went to her bathroom, stood on the scale and looked horrified by the numbers. She then left the room.

In the second half of the clip, the 34-year-old wore jeans and a top. She looked far happier as she looked in the mirror and noted her progress to herself.

Lisa is dedicated to helping her fans find ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. As The Inquisitr reported, she has offered menu planning ideas and frequently shares easy exercise routines. This time around, she wanted to show followers how to measure their fitness and weight loss progress.

In her caption, the model wrote that she used to obsessively weigh herself. It soon escalated into an unhealthy habit. She then advised that a more effective measuring method was to take monthly photos in the same outfit. An alternative would be to measure your progress by wearing the same pair of jeans every four weeks or using measuring tape to track inches lost.

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I used to wake up and immediately think of weighing myself. I would obsessed with the number on the scale daily. ???? This is what I did to overcome this unhealthy habit.⠀ ⠀ I started using more effective methods to track my progress instead. ????????⠀ ⠀ 1. Take photos of yourself every month in the same position wearing the same clothes to compare and see progression. ⠀ 2. Choose a pair of jeans and try them on every 4 weeks to see how they fit. ⠀ 3. Use a measuring tape to take your body measurements to help reassure you that things are happening. ⠀ ⠀ The problem with most scales is that they measure everything! Fat, muscle, bones, and that sip of water or food you just had. The scale can't tell you what you've lost or gained. Weighing yourself daily will only discourage you because It's possible for your scale weight to remain the same or higher when you're losing fat and gaining muscle. Hope this helps and please be kind to yourself. ♥️

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Lisa felt that the scale weighed everything including gained muscle or even a meal you just ate. Lisa felt that weighing yourself daily could discourage progress and hinder fans from reaching their goals.

Lisa has a firm following of 2.2 million people who she tries to inspire with her workout videos and sexy pics. Her admirers also seem really motivated to engage with her, and they raced to view her latest clip. Many of them liked it or expressed their thoughts in the comments section.

Most of her fans connected with her message and offered their own stories.

“So true, I been working out a lot for a long time and weigh more than before but I look better. I don’t weight myself anymore,” one fan affirmed Lisa’s opinion that the scale is not the ultimate fitness tracker.

Another follower thanked Lisa for the advice.

“Thank you so much for this Important message (crying emoji) I really needed to hear this!” they said.

A fellow Instagram user admitted that they also compulsively weighed themselves.

“I’m about to throw mine away. I say I won’t get on it and that I will stop tracking, but then there I go in the mornings stepping on it like an obsession. Thanks for the tips!” they shared with Lisa.