Leanna Decker Showcases Luscious Booty In Swimsuit While Performing Intricate Yoga Headstand

Leanna Decker takes a selfie.
Leanna Decker / Instagram

Leanna Decker stunned her Instagram fans when she showed off how flexible she is. She practiced one of her more challenging yoga poses while flaunting her incredible physique in a one-piece swimsuit.

Leanna showed off her flawless figure from a unique angle. She posed upside down wearing nothing but a revealing white swimming costume with a red popsicle print on it. The swimsuit clung to her curves and showed off her back and shoulder muscles. Those who follow her know that she has four tattoos, and the one at the top of her spine was visible. Leanna has previously said that the three four-leaf clovers on her back are a symbol of good luck.

The model put her taut and luscious booty on display while she balanced herself on a yoga mat outside. She had perfect form as she held the eagle headstand position. This pose required Leanna to balance on her head and elbows.

The eagle headstand is an advanced yoga position and showcased Leanna’s lithe body, strength, and balance. After completing the headstand, she placed her right thigh over the left one and wrapped her rather dirty foot around her calf in a full bind.

Leanna, who won the 2012 Cybergirl of the Year title from Playboy Magazine, has amassed a huge following of over 718,000 people. Unlike other Instagram models, her focus is not solely on titillating bikini photos. A quick glance through her images reveals that she prefers loose, free-flowing clothes, outdoor beach photos, and natural living. While Leanna doesn’t shy away from showing some skin, the focus is on showing off her beautiful form rather than her sexuality.

The redhead’s fans have come to appreciate her eclectic brand and often engage with her on her social media platforms. This particular photo has already racked up more than 12,000 likes and was an instant hit with her followers. More than 170 comments were also logged as fans paid tribute to Leanna’s beauty.

One fan responded to Leanna’s caption in which she mentioned that summer was sweet.

Well, it’s always summer in Puerto Rico,” they teased. Leanna’s geotag indicated that she’s currently in Puerto Rico.

Another Instagram user was particularly impressed with her complicated yoga pose.

“Omg. What a beautiful twist. You’re more desirable than a pretzel,” they gushed.

A third follower thought that summer was fine as long as the weather played along.

“Summertime is sweet. I mean as long as the sun is shining and the rain stays away,” they added.