Chrissy Teigen Documents Her COVID-19 Test, Posts Video On Twitter

Model, television star and author Chrissy Teigen has never been one to shy away from offering her fans glimpses into her personal life via social media. On Tuesday, the 34-year-old lifted the proverbial curtain once again, documenting herself while receiving a COVID-19 test and sharing a 15-second video clip of the process on Twitter.

Many have stated that experiencing the test -- which involves inserting a swab into the nostrils -- is uncomfortable and/or painful. In a May 5 New York Times story on coronavirus testing, Wesley Schrock of the Human Rights Campaign likened the experience to "breathing in water through your nose." For Teigen, though, the experience was apparently not a big problem, as evidenced by her Twitter caption seen below.

In response to her post, some Twitter users expressed support for the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model or thanked her for easing their own fears about getting tested. During her test video, Teigen could be heard giggling and telling the healthcare professional that administered the test, "It's not bad at all." She also said that the swab tickled her.

Nevertheless, others on the platform criticized Teigen for scaring some people and potentially causing them to forego getting tested as a result. There was also a level of confusion among some over why Teigen was getting tested at all.

"You realized [sic] like 50k people are no longer gonna get tested now?" asked one commenter.

"I'm just confused as to why someone who stays home would get tested," wrote another user.

Teigen, however, wasted no time in firing back at her detractors. In response to a since-deleted tweet, Teigen addressed the reason behind her getting tested, revealing that she was required to do so as a prerequisite for having surgery. She also mentioned that residents of Los Angeles are able to get screened for COVID-19 for free.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the city's free testing initiative on May 10. In doing so, L.A. became the first large city in America to offer wide-scale, free COVID-19 testing to all of its residents, whether or not they're displaying symptoms of the virus.

Meanwhile, Teigen offered further details about her upcoming medical procedure in a later Instagram post, revealing that she is scheduled to undergo breast surgery.

In other Teigen news, The Inquisitr previously shared the story of her husband -- musician John Legend -- offering a touching response to a post featuring one of her throwback modeling pictures. Legend remarked that the picture documented the night he fell in love with her.