Reese Witherspoon Busts A Move While Making Kerry Washington's Green Smoothie Recipe

Reese Witherspoon shared her favorite green smoothie recipe on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, pausing in the middle of her cheerful demonstration to bust a move.

According to the actress, her Little Fires Everywhere co-star Kerry Washington first told her about the smoothie recipe when they sat near each other at an award show. She noticed that Washington's skin looked amazing and asked her about her regime.

At the time, the Scandal star told her she thought it was due to a drink that made her hair and nails "really strong."

"So thank you, Kerry, for sharing the recipe," she said in the video.

Witherspoon wrote that the recipe was inspired by one made by Kym Snyder, who she tagged in her caption.

The video began with Witherspoon greeting her fans and standing in front of a counter covered in various leafy green vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients.

She said this particular green smoothie is one she has been drinking for around eight years now. The 44-year-old claimed she drinks it every morning in place of breakfast at approximately 10 or 11 a.m. and isn't hungry again until about 1 p.m.

To start with, the Legally Blonde star chopped two heads of romaine lettuce and added them to the half cup of spinach she already had in her Vitamix.

"It has to have something sweet; otherwise it's too bitter," she clarified.

Her "sweet" additions included a pear, an apple, a banana, and a whole lemon. Before dropping the lemon in with the rest, she removed the rind but said adding the seeds is important since all that fiber is "really good for you."

She clarified that the recipe is flexible. Any green food items could become part of the healthy drink, including celery. She also said that add-ons like protein powder, flaxseed, and almond butter would make great additions to the smoothie.

As for the liquid portion of the beverage, Witherspoon opted for a half cup of coconut water before turning on her Vitamix and blending all of the components.

After blending, she took a dance break. She added text saying the secret ingredient was dancing to her video. The blond playfully grooved to a beat in her kitchen, swaying her hips, shimmying, and more while wearing a gray hoodie and black athletic shorts.

When finished, Witherspoon showed the finished product to the camera.

"I know it looks like it tastes gross, but it tastes so good!" she promised.

She wrapped up her video by pouring the green smoothie into a reusable glass bottle and taking a sip from a straw. Then she added a visual graphic detailing her recipe in full for any fans that want to try it at home.