Brooke Shields, 54, Shares A Rear View Of A Neon Orange Bikini

Brooke Shields took to Instagram on Tuesday to promote a live full-body workout, and she used a set of smoking-hot bikini photos to prove that she knows what she's doing when it comes to staying fit. Her pictures even included a shot of her perky posterior.

Brooke has never been shy about showing off her fabulous figure, and the 54-year-old supermodel looked as confident as ever as she rocked a vibrant two-piece on a gorgeous beach. Her bathing suit was a neon orange hue seemingly aimed at making the garment's wearer really stand out. A cloud blocked out the sun on the segment of beach that she posed on, but her bikini was so bright that it almost appeared to glow.

The Blue Lagoon star's skimpy top had fixed triangle cups connected by a small stretchy string. It also featured spaghetti straps and a wide back band. Meanwhile, Brooke's bottoms were a low-rise design. Three thin strings stretched over her narrow hips on each side of the garment.

In her first photo, Brooke showed off the back of the bikini. The seat offered a medium amount of coverage, but the design was still a bit cheeky. The bottoms' high cut perfectly showcased her peachy backside and her shapely legs. Meanwhile, her second photo gave her followers a good look at her stomach, chest, and arms.

Brooke's chic beach look included a straw fedora and a number of accessories. She wore multiple rings and gold stacked bracelets in an array of different styles. The actress also sported a gold watch, dangle earrings, and a single delicate chain necklace.

Brooke's waist-length brunette hair was soaking wet -- as if she'd just taken a dip in the azure ocean behind her.

In the caption, Brooke encouraged her followers to join her for an Instagram live workout on Self Magazine's page later in the evening. She revealed that she was teaming up with celebrity trainer Ngo Okafor to lead viewers through a full-body sweat session that they could do at home. However, many of the responses to Brooke's post weren't about the live workout.

"Oh my word...doesn't time go by for are as beautiful as you have always been since day one!!" gushed one fan.

"You deserve all the accolades, you workout really hard! You look fabulous," another admirer enthused.

"Just keep on getting better every year like a fine wine," read a third remark.

Brooke's Instagram page is a testament to her dedication to fitness. She occasionally treats her fans to photos of her athletic physique, and she often demonstrates some of the exercises that she does to stay in such amazing shape. In a recent Instagram video, she showed her fans how to get "a full body burn" using an exercise ball.