Kara Del Toro Sizzles In Lilac Lingerie While Lounging Outside

Maxim model Kara Del Toro titillated her 1.5 million followers with her most recent Instagram update in which she showcased her fabulous figure and natural beauty while wearing a sexy lingerie set. The model did not include a geotag on the post, but her caption suggested she was likely at home in her backyard enjoying some sunshine.

Kara's undies were made from a lilac fabric that flattered her skin tone. The bra had an extremely low-cut neckline that exposed plenty of her cleavage. A bow between the cups and a delicate scalloped edge along the top of the cups added a feminine vibe to the set. The panties had a cheeky design that allowed her to show off plenty of skin.

Kara's update included two pictures that featured her sitting on a blanket on a patch of grass. The sun was shining, and she looked relaxed as she lounged on the blanket. A bowl of clementines, a book, and a camera were on one side of the blanket. Three bottles of skin lotion were on another.

Kara lounged on her belly in the first snapshot. She propped herself up on her forearms as she looked at something off the side. The picture captured most of her body, giving her followers a nice look at her perky booty and toned thighs.

In the second image, the model was sitting up and holding one bottle of lotion, which she was advertising. One of her legs was bent while the other one was extended out in front of her. Her ample chest was prominent in the snapshot, as was her flat tummy.

Kara wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail with a white scrunchy. A few loose tendrils framed her face. She appeared to be wearing very little makeup, allowing her natural beauty to shine through. She sported a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and accessorized her look with a pair of dangle earrings.

In the caption, Kara credited the lotion for her tan and the fact that she smelled good. She also joked that perhaps there was still hope for the summer of 2020.

Dozens of her fans took to the comments section to rave over how sensational she looked.

"Wow you are very very hot," one admirer commented.

"A very beautiful lady," wrote a second Instagram user.

"Incredibly gorgeous babe," a third follower chimed in.

Kara has not let being homebound stop her from looking great and sharing sexy content online. Not too long ago, she wowed her fans in a set of silky pajamas.