Belgian Fitness Model Savannah Prez Flaunts Impressive Glutes In Tiny Shorts

Savannah Prez showed off her impressive figure to her 800,000 Instagram followers on Monday, May 25, when she took to the popular social media platform to post a sweltering snapshot of herself in tiny shorts.

The photo captured the Belgian fitness model with her back to the camera during the golden hour, which added an auburn hue to her light brown hair and sun-kissed complexion. Prez stretched one leg back while firmly stepping onto the other, in a motion that showcased her famous quads. Her arm was crossed over her stomach as she twisted her torso to glance at the camera, smiling brightly with squinty eyes.

Prez sported an all-black two-piece workout set. Her shorts were made of a stretchy fabric that clung to her hips, highlighting her toned booty. They included a thick waistband that hugged her slender midsection. The bold white print on the elastic band revealed her bottoms were from Nike.

Prez paired her shorts with a matching sports bra and white sneaker with red and navy blue details on the back. In response to a comment, she revealed that her shoes were from Tommy Hilfiger.

She wore her hair swept over to one side and styled down as her straight strands tumbled onto her back and chest.

In under a day, the post garnered more than 23,600 likes and over 300 comments. Instagram users took to the comments section to praise Prez and express their admiration for her dedication and beauty. As usual, most of the messages were written in English, though she also received a considerable amount of interactions in her native Dutch.

"Girl you are perfect," wrote one of her admirers.

"You are absolutely dreamy [heart-eyes emoji] ilysm," replied another fan, using the acronym for "I love you so much."

"Frikken leg goals," a third user chimed in.

"God you look incredible, wish I'd have your drive and focus to workout [flexed bicep emoji] eating is my biggest bane," replied a fourth fan.

The above comment drew a response from Prez, who advised them to start small, making slight changes to the diet.

Prez has been flaunting her booty to her fans as of late. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently posted a side-by-side collage that included a photo of herself with her back to the camera. She rocked a pair of skintight white jeans that sat around her navel and had a tight fit that outlined her derriere. She paired it with a cropped shirt in the same color with short sleeves and a high V-shaped neckline, in addition to the same white sneakers.