Dasha Mart Goes Braless Under Tight Top & Rocks Insanely Short Pink Leather Shorts In Sunny Isles Beach

Dasha Mart snaps a selfie.
Dasha Mart / Instagram

Dasha Mart added another sexy photo to her Instagram feed earlier today that showed her rocking leather shorts and a tight white top. The multi-photo update was posted a few hours ago, and it’s earned her rave reviews from her army of 1.9 million fans.

The photo captured the Playboy model posed in the street with two dogs in tow — one on a leash and the other in her arms. As her geotag indicated, she was in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, where it looked to be a gorgeous day as sunshine spilled over her shoulders. Behind her were several palm trees and leafy greens, which gave the photo even more of a tropical vibe. The first photo in the deck showed Dasha posed in the center of the frame where she stared off into the distance with a sensual gaze.

The model didn’t appear to be dressed to walk dogs and chose a dressier look that showed off her bombshell curves. On top, she sported a tight white shirt that was simple yet sexy. Its shoulder pads added a fun fashion element while the body of the garment clung tightly to the rest of her figure, accentuating her tiny midsection and waist. Dasha ditched her bra for the outing, and the silhouette of her chest was very much on display.

The garment on her lower half was just as sexy. Dasha slayed in a pair of minuscule pink leather shorts that rested high on her waist and secured with a fashionable belt. The front of the shorts had pockets and the bottom hit high on her thigh, leaving her killer legs entirely on display. She added a pair of clear heels that elongated her bronze stems and also showcased her defined calves.

In the second photo, the model knelt and pet one of the pooches.

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Dasha did not add any accessories to the scandalous look, ensuring that all eyes were glued to her fit figure. She styled her silky, blond tresses with a middle part, and her tresses cascaded past her chest. She also wore a full application of glam, which appeared to include intense eye makeup.

Fans had a whole lot of love for Dasha’s most recent upload, as evidenced by 25,000 likes and over 440 likes.

“Best legs on the web,” one follower commented alongside a kissy face emoji.

“You always looking breathtaking, your dog is so cute,” a second social media user commented.

“You are my favorite,” one more fan complimented with the addition of a trio of hearts.