Courteney Cox Gets Wild At-Home Makeover From Her 15-Year-Old Daughter Coco: 'You Get What You Pay For'

Courteney Cox got an unexpected quarantine makeover from her daughter. The Friends star, 55, shared a video of her daughter Coco Arquette, doing her makeup as they hung out at home, but it definitely wasn't the glam makeover the actress expected.

In the short clip posted to Instagram, Coco -- who is Cox's daughter with ex-husband David Arquette -- sat with an eye makeup palette on her lap and an eye pencil in her hand as she struggled to apply eyeliner to her famous mom's eyelids.

"Your eyes are really hard to work with, mom," the teen said.

At one point, it appeared that Coco was going for a winged, cat's eye look or her mom, but then she abruptly stopped the glam session.

After Cox asked her daughter if "that's the whole look," the teen said, "That's all I do."

Coco then reluctantly leaned in for some final touch-ups with liner and the eye shadow palette. The teen struggled with the application again and then suggested they were either using bad eyeliner or that there was "something wrong" with her mom's eyeballs.

The end of the video showed Cox with a penciled-in teardrop under one eye and two x's and a smiley mouth under the other. The star wore a striped mask on the bottom half of her face which really made her edgy eye makeup pop.

In the caption to the post, Cox hilariously admitted that she asked her daughter to do her makeup and that you get what you pay for.

Fans and famous friends, including actresses Suzanne and Kathy Najimy and singer Susanna Hoffs, reacted in the comments to Cox's video.

"This is fun but sooo fun to watch," wrote Cox's longtime pal and Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow.

"Don't let Coco do your make-up nor Phoebe cut your hair!" another added, in reference to Kudrow's Friends character.

"The one that Courtney becomes an e-girl," another fan joked.

"Love how you wanted more and Coco was like uhm no," another fan chimed in.

Other fans marveled over the mom-daughter duo's adorable relationship.

Cox has been keeping fans entertained on social media as she quarantines with her daughter amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Cougar Town alum has treated fans to a Zoom cooking lesson, hilarious TikTok dance videos, and a poignant musical piece as she accompanied Coco on the piano while the teen performed the song "Burn" from the hit Lin-Manuel Miranda musical Hamilton.