Dominican Dancer Rosa Acosta Shows Off Skills As She Does A Headstand In Leggings

Rosa Acosta wowed thousands of her 1.6 million Instagram fans on Tuesday, May 26, with a new update in which she showed off her skills by striking a difficult headstand while clad in a curve-enhancing workout set.

The Dominican ballet dancer and fitness trainer was featured with her back to the camera, putting her strong back muscles on display. She planted her head firmly on a velvety orange pillow as she kicked her legs up for the yoga pose. She opened her legs to the sides and placed her hands on either side of her head for support, creating a variation of a straddle tripod headstand.

Acosta engaged in the pose in a stylish room that featured a wall painted in a nature motif. It also included several potted plants in front of the wall. The picture was taken in Los Angeles, according to the geotag.

Acosta rocked a pair of mustard-yellow leggings that boasted a geometric pattern in relief, adding texture. They sat high on her body, clinging to her strong midriff while outlining her toned glutes. Her pants were from Cossamia, as she revealed via the tag.

She paired the leggings with a teal sports bra that matched the color palette of her room. The bra had thin straps that were placed over her shoulders.

Acosta wore her dark hair loose, pulling it to the side so prevent it from getting in the way of her pose.

In the caption, she shared her unabashed love for plants, using a series of hashtags.

The photos have attracted more than 3,500 likes and over 65 comments within the first hour, though Acosta limits who can comment on her posts. Her fans used the space to express awe for her flexibility and compliment the overall aesthetics of the shot.

"Dam u is very dam flexible i see," one user wrote.

"That room is so perfect," replied another one of her fans.

"I love that beautiful yellow green and tan plant in the middle," a third person joked.

"I ain't gonna say it but I'm thinking it though [heart-eyes emoji] [laughing-crying emoji] sheesh," added a fourth fan.

On Monday, Acosta once again stunned her followers by sharing another photo of herself in workout clothes, as The Inquisitr has noted. She wore a similar pair of leggings from Cossamia, though these were dark green instead of yellow. In the post, she said she was thankful for having been able to ride out lockdown measures in the company of her mother, with whom she has been working out and eating a healthy diet throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.