Melissa McCarthy Mocks Rutgers Basketball Scandal On ‘SNL’ [Video]

How do you turn a story about physical abuse into comedy? You give Melissa McCarthy a t-shirt gun. During her stint as host on Saturday Night Live, the Bridesmaids actress mocked the Rutgers basketball scandal by hurling toasters, bricks, and pieces of bread at her players.

The skit came a few days after Mike Rice was fired from Rutgers for physically abusing his players.

A video surfaced online last week showing the former Rutgers coach screaming, hitting, and throwing basketballs at his players. McCarthy and the crew at SNL took things to another level and had the comedienne use everything from golf carts to baseball bats to intimidate her players.

When McCarthy is confronted by one of ESPN’s Outside The Line reporters, she explains her actions, saying:

“When someone blows by you you’re toast. And when you get toast and you are toast you get hit by a toaster.”

And the players weren’t the only ones who fell victim to McCarthy’s wrath. The actress gave black eyes to her assistant coach and to the ESPN reporter and used a tazer on one of the fictional school teachers during the sketch.

Here’s the video of Melissa McCarthy spoofing the incident at Rutgers.

That wasn’t the only basketball sketch from last night’s SNL. The show also got a special visit from Dennis Rodman during a sketch making fun of Kim Jong Un.