Sarah Houchens Rocks Turquoise Bikini In Latest Instagram Snap

Sarah Houchens sent temperatures soaring with her most recent Instagram upload on Tuesday morning. The model flaunted her curves while encouraging her followers to stay hydrated.

Sarah wore a sexy turquoise bikini for the snap, which appeared to be taken at her home while she stood in front of a door. A reflection of the blue sky in the glass behind her suggested that it was a lovely day to be outside.

The color of Sarah's two-piece swimsuit made her bronze skin glow in the outside light. The top was a bandeau style that had two gathered panels over each breast with strings at the top and bottom, which tied around her back. The bottoms were skimpy, with strings tied into loopy bows on the sides of her hips.

Sarah faced the camera while standing at a slight angle. She stood with her back arched and one hip cocked to the side, flaunting curvy hips. Her flat tummy and rock-hard abs were also accentuated in the image. She wore a slight smile as she placed both of her hands behind her head. The pose showcased her shapely arms. A small crescent moon tattoo on the inside of her wrist was also visible.

Sarah wore her shoulder-length, blond hair in a deep side part. It was styled with loose waves that were tossed over one shoulder.

The model's makeup looked flawless. The application seemed to include a skin-smoothing foundation, mascara on her lashes, and a light dusting of blush on her cheeks. She also wore a pink gloss on her lips.

In the caption, she encouraged her followers to keep drinking water. She also gave a shoutout to a local hair salon for the sunny highlights in her hair.

Judging from the amount of flame and heart emoji, Sarah's followers approved of the picture.

Dozens of fans took a moment to dole out the compliments.

"Well you are being well watered because you are growing into something truly beautiful," quipped one Instagram user.

"You are drop dead gorgeous," a second admirer commented.

"Love that suit! Fantastic on you!!!!!!!" gushed a third follower.

"Stunning Woman!! Helen of troy would be jealous," joked a fourth fan.

Sarah has a knack for looking fabulous in bathing suits, and luckily for her fans, she does not mind showing some skin while modeling them. She recently shared a photo that saw her rocking a bright green bikini while sunning in her bedroom.