'Good Morning America' Anchor Robin Roberts Inspires Followers With Thoughtful Tuesday Message

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts inspired her followers with a Thoughtful Tuesday message of hope and friendship prior to her remote broadcast of the morning news show alongside Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos. She shared the message from the home she lives in with longtime love Amber Laign, who took the video.

Robin stood in what appeared to be the kitchen of the home the couple shares in Connecticut. This is where the twosome has been self-isolating since March of this year as a result of the pandemic. The talk show host stood in the area and welcomed her fans with the statement "Good Morning Sunshine."

The brief video featured the beloved newswoman wearing a red, long-sleeved blouse with a boat neck and three-quarter sleeves. She paired that with a long, gold necklace that had several colored stones. The beautiful jewelry featured purple, red, and light pink stones in its design. Robin added some simple, coordinating drop earrings.

The gorgeous television personality wore her locks in a close-cropped style. Fashioned into light waves, Robin's brown hair touched the base of her neck. She has done her own makeup since broadcasting from home. Her application appeared to include a full-coverage foundation, lined eyes and mascara, and what seemed to be light-colored eye shadow. She also wore a light-colored lipstick.

In a message to her followers, Robin read from her telephone to inspire those who might need a bit of motivation to begin their day. She said hello to her fans and her beloved pup, Lil Man Lukas, who wagged his tail happily as his dog mom spoke to him.

Today's message was one of friendship and not condemning those close to you when they make mistakes. Rather, she stated that people should show the mercy they would want to receive when they make the occasional blunder. She then reminded her fans to have a blessed day, and they rose to the occasion in the comments section of the share with positive remarks of their own.

"Good morning Robin! Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and prayer this morning, it really touched me. Have a wonderfully blessed day," stated one follower.

"Good morning Robin and blessings to you Amber and Lukas," said a second fan.

"I love seeing Lukas with you each day. Your message and prayer today were especially meaningful today. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day," stated a third supporter.

"Thank you for your daily prayers. I enjoy them so much," remarked a fourth Instagram user.