Nadine Kerastas Leaves Little To The Imagination In White Lace Lingerie

Nadine Kerastas knows how to capture the attention of her 1.9 million Instagram followers. On Tuesday, she did it by sharing an update that featured her wearing a set of lace lingerie that left little to the imagination.

The Playboy model rocked the sexy underwear. The bra featured underwire half cups that exposed plenty of cleavage. The panties featured satin ribbons and a lace panel on the front and a thong back. To add some sex appeal to her outfit, she also wore a pair of white, thigh-high fishnet stockings.

Nadine's steamy post, which is posted on her Instagram page, consisted of two snapshots. In the images, she posed seductively in a chair and with an end table in a dimly lit room.

In the first picture, Nadine struck an extremely provocative pose as she sat in the chair with her feet on the seat and her legs spread. She gave the camera a sultry look while she rested one elbow on her knee and placed one hand by her cheek. The pose put her voluptuous chest on display as well as her tiny waist, curvy hips, and toned thighs.

The model turned up the heat in the second snapshot, which captured her from behind at a slight side angle as she placed both hands on the table. She rested one calf on the table while she stretched her other leg out behind her. She looked over her shoulder seductively and flaunted her booty.

Nadine wore her dark tresses pulled up in a ponytail with a few tendrils framing her face. Her makeup application appeared to include sculpted brows, thick lashes, and a bold red shade of lipstick. She added some bling to the revealing outfit with sparkly stud earrings and a letter pendant necklace.

In the caption, she mentioned that she used to be a dancer. She also asked fans which photo they preferred.

Unsurprisingly, her fans were equally impressed with both images, and many told her that it was too difficult to choose a favorite.

"Both will be just fine. You're stunning in either of them," one fan commented.

"Hard to choose one, you look perfect in both," a second Instagram user agreed.

At least one fan had a favorite.

"Gorgeous you are absolutely beautiful from any angle but your booty and those amazing legs I have to pick 2," they wrote.

" hot my phone almost can't handle the heat," joked a fourth follower.

Nadine certainly knows how to turn up the heat. Earlier this month, she shared a photo that saw her looking smoking hot in a candy bikini.