Natalie Roser Stuns In Nude Lingerie That Shows Off All Her Curves

Natalie Roser showed off her flawless physique in nude underwear in her latest Instagram update. She looked stunning in a matching bra and panties set from her own Rose and Bare collection and shared a video with her hordes of fans.

The model took to social media on Tuesday to plug her lingerie line. Natalie, who has graced the cover of magazines like Maxim, flaunted her curves in underwear that matched her skin color so closely that she looked to be nude.

Natalie showed off her bounteous cleavage and toned arms in a padded underwire bra. She paired the bra with a matching thong that exposed her slender hips and thighs. Of course, her flat stomach and minuscule waist were on display as she strutted her stuff in the video clip.

The Australian model styled her blond tresses in loose waves that cascaded onto her shoulders and back. She kept the phone in front of her face and the only other object seen in the clip was a rattan chair.

In the clip, Natalie stood in front of a large three-way mirror. She angled the mirrors to reflect her entire body as she posed for the camera. Natalie then moved her body from side to side so that the audience could see her entire figure from top to bottom.

At the start of the clip, she played with the strap of her bottoms. She tilted her hips to the side so that her audience was treated to a profile view of her athletic figure. Natalie then adjusted her bra strap before the clip ended.

Natalie regularly posts on social media and has built a solid fan base of more than 1.2 million followers. They love engaging with her and checking in on her posts. This particular video has already accumulated more than 7,500 likes in the three short hours since it went live. Many of her fans also turned to the comments section to wax lyrical about her beauty. While the majority posted heart, flame, and various other emoji, others were more eloquent.

One of her fans gave Natalie one of the best compliments about her line.

"Wow I had to do a double take (shocked emoji) thought you'd forgotten your underwear," they said. This was very high praise because Natalie's line aims to blend in with one's natural skin tone.

Another follower posted a similar comment and posted that they had to do a double-take.

"Jeez I had to look twice there!" they raved.

A third Instagram user voiced what many other fans were thinking.

"WTF... damn that's hot!" they gushed.