Fitness Model Venessa Nieto Shows Off Thick Booty & Reveals Calorie Increase To Fuel Hard Training

While some Instagram models complain about putting on too much weight while being in lockdown, Venessa Nieto revealed that she has increased her calorie intake. The fitness model took to social media and flaunted her round booty, much to the delight of her fans.

Venessa posted a no-frills photo on her Instagram page. She didn't appear to be wearing any makeup, and it seemed as if she was trying to keep it real with her loyal fan base.

The model wore a simple sports bra-and-panty set from the Calvin Klein collection. The white cotton undies clung to her curvaceous frame and displayed her hourglass figure to perfection.

The sports bra seemed to fit the model comfortably. The top had a racerback for added support and showed just a hint of sideboob, but otherwise Venessa had full coverage as she prepared to eat.

On the other hand, the high-cut bottoms showed plenty of skin. Venessa exposed her thick booty and curvy hips, along with her flat stomach and trim waist.

The model styled her tresses away from her face, and they were gathered in a high bun. Her only visible accessories were a pair of stud earrings.

Venessa's candid photo was taken in the kitchen. The background revealed neat kitchen counters, shiny appliances, and dark cabinets. A bouquet of light peach-colored roses added a feminine touch to the room. She balanced a plate of food and a fork in her hands while she seemingly made her way out of the kitchen.

In her caption, Venessa mentioned that she was focusing on gaining at the moment. She said that she increased her consumption to 2,700 calories since she was back to hard training. It seems as if Venessa would like to gain more muscle and has upped her exercise routine.

The social media influencer has a solid fan base of over 572,000 followers who often engage with her. They liked and commented on the photo to encourage and motivate her to keep up the hard work.

"That looks pretty yummy," one fan commented about Venessa's food.

Another supporter thought that Venessa's derriere was "booty goals."

A third Instagram user piled on the unsolicited advice.

"Yes, increase as you must properly feed and intake (sic) beneficial nutrients to maximize body and health performance. That way body doesn't feed on what gains are accomplished. I would push to 3500 calories and you would see an ultimate difference in body progressive training gains. Consume good food every 3 hours when you can," they added.