Lauren Simpson Shows Off Chiseled Legs In Lower Body Workout Video

A close-up of Lauren Simpson's face.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

In fitness model Lauren Simpson’s latest Instagram post, she demonstrated a lower body workout for her 1.9 million followers.

The fitness trainer completed the workout at home, utilizing her living room space to carry out the exercises. She wore a lilac outfit that consisted of a sweatshirt-style crop top and booty shorts. The top included a hood and long sleeves, which Lauren pushed up to her elbows. It left a small strip of toned tummy on display, teasing the model’s midsection. The shorts rose high on Lauren’s hips and ended just below her backside, emphasizing her sculpted booty and leaving the length of her chiseled legs exposed.

Lauren completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers that featured rainbow designs and white socks pulled up over her ankles. Her straight platinum blond tresses were secured with an elastic in a low ponytail, and the model added a bobby pin to hold back several loose strands around her face. Lauren also appeared to have made up her face with a generous coating of black mascara and lip gloss. She accessorized with a black exercise watch.

The lower body workout was part of Lauren’s eight-week Empower Challenge, which she made available through a link in her bio. The challenge includes both home and gym options, and trainees can switch between the two programs if they choose. In the Instagram post, Lauren demonstrated six of the exercises found in the program. She used a dining room chair, a set of dumbbells, a booty band, and an exercise mat for equipment.

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????EMPOWER 8 WEEK CHALLENGE???? Here is a sample lower body day HOME workout so you know what to expect in the upcoming program! – This is an 8 week challenge & there is both HOME & GYM options. You can switch between the 2 programs at any time on the brand new app! ???????? – For the HOME program all you need is a set of dumbbells & booty band. – It’s 6 days per week training however you can adapt the workout schedule to suit you! – Lower/Upper body training split. – 200+ new exercises & variations added to the exercise library for this challenge! – SIGN UP NOW via the link in my bio @LAURENSIMPSON ⚡️ Taking your experience with LSF to the next level with this challenge! – – WORKOUT: A1) Hip Thrust 4x 10 as triple contraction A2) Lateral band walk 4x 20 (not in vid) B1) Heel elevated lateral lunge 4x 10 B2) DB lying hamstring curl 4x 12 as 1 & 1/4 rep C1) Step down 4x 12 C2) Sissy squat 4x 10 – D1) Frog pumps 3x 25 – – Empower challenge sign ups open! Don’t miss your chance to join our biggest & best challenge yet. Secure your spot today ???? Hit link in my bio: @laurensimpson #LSFBABES

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Lauren began the workout with hip thrusts, moving next into heel elevated lateral lunges. The DB lying hamstring curl was next, followed by step-downs using the chair and dumbbells. The fifth exercise shown in the post was the sissy squat, and the workout was completed with a series of frog pumps. In the caption of the post, Lauren revealed that the circuit featured a seventh exercise not present in the videos, called the lateral band walk. It should come second in the routine.

Also in the caption, Lauren specified the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each exercise. She encouraged her trainees to sign up for the Empower Challenge and added that there would be more than 200 exercises available in the challenge’s library.

The post earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments just within the first hour. Many of the model’s followers were excited about the new challenge and left feedback on the exercises Lauren demonstrated in her post.

“Sooo excited to start,” one Instagram user wrote.