Alexis Ren, 23, Shows Off Hourglass Figure In Clinging Strapless Dress

Alexis Ren, 23, showed off her hourglass figure in a clinging strapless dress for a new Instagram upload shared with her 13.9 million followers. The model and social media influencer displayed her womanly form in a dress that covered her up but was still just as sexy as any bikini shot.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant, who came in fourth place during Season 27, regularly shares images with her fans where she is in various stages of undress. This time, she took a different approach. Instead of wearing a bikini or shorts, she chose to use an image where she was completely covered up.

In the photo, which was taken outside, the model wore a long and beautiful olive green dress. The material appeared to be sheer, but not so see-through that it exposed her body completely. The dress was a gorgeous color displayed against the stunning backdrop of the photo, which featured green grass, foliage, mountains, and a blue sky peppered with white, fluffy clouds.

The dress was cut straight across her chest, with a wide band to secure it at the top. The clinging material of the dress stuck to her breasts, abs, and backside in a flattering manner. There are no designs on the dress to distract from the way it wrapped around Alexis' body, and the only extra adornment the model used to enhance the look was a simple gold chain worn on her neck. This jewelry lay atop her collarbone.

Alexis looked directly at the camera in the photo. Her left arm was above her head, and her right arm was placed parallel to her body. The model jutted out her right hip in an exaggerated manner as a way to make her curves stand out even more for the sexy photo.

The model wore her brown hair long and loose in the photo, side-swept to the right. She appeared to have on minimal makeup except for lots of mascara to elongate her eyelashes, copper-colored blush on her cheekbones, and a natural colored palette on her full lips.
Alexis' fans showed their appreciation for the post by liking it 576,046 times and counting.

"Nice backdrop," quipped one follower of the model.

"You look like a princess," remarked a second fan.

"Oh my gosh, you are absolutely beautiful," stated a third follower of the model on social media.

"Those curves are to die for," said a fourth fan.