'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Shows Off Killer Body In Daisy Dukes And White Bra

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil showed off her killer body in Daisy Dukes and a white bra in a new Instagram share. The stunning redhead also delighted her followers by dressing up as a man in a surprising video sequence that followed the initial pic. This allowed fans the opportunity to see her in a way they never have before. Her flair for comedy was also evident in the clip.

Haley was first seen in a black-and-white image. She was seen in a professional modeling photo wearing a white lace push-up bra. The straps of the undergarment fell off her toned shoulders and hung on each side. The model's ample cleavage was on full display in the pic as she used her bicep muscles to push her breasts together for the shot. Haley's toned stomach and waist were also clearly seen, her shapely form exposed almost down to below her hips. To cover her bottom, she wore a tiny pair of Daisy Duke denim shorts.

She leaned on the back of a chair in the photo and her legs were spread apart as Haley positioned her body for the sassy shot.

The model's stunning auburn hair was casually styled in the pic. Her tresses appeared to be blown out straight and styled to fall down over both the front and back of her shoulder blades. Haley looked away from the camera to the left, her eyes wide and mouth parted for the sultry pic.

For the second upload, Haley poked fun at the first pic by dressing up as a man and attempted to hit on the girl in the first photo. She sported a black beanie cap on her head, which covered the majority of her tresses. She wore no makeup and used an oversized gray, white, and aqua green patterned jacket to cover the top of her body.

In the video clip, Haley was seen looking toward where the first photo would be in the Instagram feed. She placed her left hand to her chin, blew a kiss, winked her right eye, and asked the girl in the first photo, "what's up baby?" and then, winked again. In the comments section of the share, Haley revealed she named the character she portrayed Chad and made up a creative back story for him after a fan asked why she was wearing Band-Aids on her hand in the video clip.

The hilarious bit was loved by the model's 372,000 followers.

"Bro-Haley needs to be a reoccurring thing haha," stated one fan.

"Stop being so hot, you look amazing," remarked a second follower.

"I will never get over these photos," joked a third Instagram user.

"You are so real and funny, this is why you have so many followers," said a fourth fan.