'The Young And The Restless' Preview For Tuesday: Christine Faces The End

The Young and the Restless preview for Tuesday, May 26 teases moments that originally aired in an episode on August 14, 2003. They bring a Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria to daytime, and her evil on-screen alter ego Isabella proves to be desperate to end Christine's life. Plus, Paul and Michael put the pieces together and figure out what is going on, but they may find themselves too late.

Isabella (Eva Longoria) and Christine (Lauralee Bell) settle unfinished business, according to SheKnows Soaps. Christine faces legal trouble related to Isabella's death. However, it turns out that Paul's (Doug Davidson) conniving baby momma is still alive. Isabella faking her own death worked to frame Christine for causing it. Christine first believes she's hallucinating when Isabella appears. However, she turns out to be all too real, and she's brandishing a butcher knife. Isabella spills all the beans about what she's done to ruin Christine's life. Isabella spikes Christine's drink, and eventually, she figures it out. Plus, it looks like the villainous woman also wants to make it appear as if Christine commits suicide, so she's doing her best to make it appear that way. Ultimately, Christine attempts to fight for her life, but things look increasingly grim as Isabella pushes her head underneath the water in a bathtub.

Meanwhile, Paul (Doug Davidson) and Michael (Christian Le Blanc) unravel a mystery. They begin to find plenty of holes in all the evidence against Christine in Isabella's supposed death. Paul notes that Isabella's parents don't seem overly heartbroken about their daughter's death, which gives them pause since their reaction doesn't feel sincere. Paul wants Christine to be hypnotized again, but Michael is irritated by that suggestion. They both feel convinced that everything doesn't add up in the situation with Isabella's death, and they hope to keep Christine out of jail.

Finally, Raul (David Lago) goes to Marino's planning to listen to Brittany (Lauren Woodland). Before that, Brittney tries to make her boss, Bobby (John Enos III), realize that she's with Raul, so she has no interest in anything other than a business relationship with him. However, when Raul shows up to listen to Brittany, he's left stunned when he realizes his girlfriend is doing a whole lot more than singing. Brittany is performing with the stage name Marilyn, and she's the star of a cabaret show. When Brittany begins to shed her clothing, Raul runs to cover her with his jacket, which leaves her humiliated, and she runs off stage.