'The Walking Dead' Twitter Calls Out Missouri Pool-Goers For Being The Sort Of People To Hide A Walker Bite

As the U.S. relaxed stay-at-home rules regarding the current coronavirus pandemic for the Memorial Day weekend, some people took that to also mean an abandonment of social distancing laws. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in Missouri, party-goers were filmed packed into bars and pools as they celebrated ahead of Memorial Day. However, The Walking Dead's official Twitter account has called these revelers out, stating that they are the sort of people that "would 100% hide a walker bite."

With many people starting to feel the pinch when it comes to social distancing and stay-at-home laws, the announcement by Dr. Anthiny Gauci that the Memorial Day weekend would be a good time for people to get out and about.

"Memorial Day, it's a very important holiday," Fauci said prior to the weekend.

"We'll be having people who want to get out there and get fresh air. You can do that. We're not telling people to just lock in…"
As a result of this advice, many seen in the videos and images coming out of Missouri chose to ignore the important social distancing laws still in place for those venturing outside. Instead, many young people -- who usually fall into a low-risk category for severe complications of COVID-19 -- decided to flout these laws in order to soak up the sun and party hard.
As a result of this, The Walking Dead's Twitter account posted a video of one of the packed pools and captioned it to suggest that these sorts of irresponsible people would also be the ones who would threaten others should a zombie apocalypse happen by hiding any bites they received from the undead, thus risking those around them.

As is the case in most zombie apocalypse movies and TV series, there is always that one person who hides a zombie bite rather than risk their own life. This then puts the whole group or community at risk as these sorts of bites normally result in massive infection among the group thanks to the single person's lack of concern for those around them.

As CBR also points out, the tweet by The Walking Dead was also timely as the death toll in the U.S. from COVID-19 has topped 100,00 recently, a number that is "more than half the number of U.S soldier deaths in the Vietnam War and 30 times that of 9/11." Now, with the evidence of a lack of social distancing and mask-wearing during the Memorial Day weekend, it seems likely that this number could start climbing dramatically in the coming weeks.