‘Westworld’ Creator Says He Can’t Wait To Watch The Man In Black ‘Kill Everyone’

Ed Harris in a scene as the 'Man in Black'

Westworld Season 4 is already shot and is currently in post-production. That means the HBO series is one that hasn’t been affected by the coronavirus outbreak and should return to television airwaves relatively soon. According to Digital Spy, creator Jonathan Nolan recently revealed what fans can expect from William in the next season.

The cast and crew of Westworld had a roundtable reading and it was there where Nolan spilled some of the beans on what “The Man in Black” is going to be doing in Season 4. Noland first said he’s a big believer in being guided by irony. He added that William ends up becoming something that he spent the first three seasons controlling.

“On a visceral level, I just can’t wait to watch Ed kill everyone.”

Ed Harris portrays William/The Man in Black in Westworld and the end of Season 3 has a rather large post-credits shift for the character. After promising to save the world from the hosts, he’s killed by Season 3’s version of Charlotte and replaced with a host.

Nolan saying the coming season of Westworld will feature William “killing everyone” is actually the second big detail he’s shared about Season 4. In a previous interview with Variety, he confirmed that Delores really is gone. The character was apparently killed – or deleted – towards the end of the season finale. However, the Westworld creator also said in the same interview he hoped the actor who played Delores, Evan Rachel Wood isn’t leaving the series.

That would seem to indicate Wood will come back in Season 4, though she will have a different personality. “Body jumping” has been a theme of the series in the last few seasons. It was revealed midway through Season 3 of Westworld that the Charlotte viewers watched wasn’t just a host. Her identity was one of several copies Delores made of herself before leaving the theme park at the center of the show for years.

Nolan also made it clear that anything he shared wasn’t a spoiler for the upcoming season.

“We’re not yet discussing publicly the direction the show is taking, but the fun thing about this show is, you know, from the beginning Lisa [Joy] and I wanted to make a show that constantly reinvented itself, that could be a different show every season.”

When Nolan was asked if it was safe to assume the leading characters in Westworld are now the Delores version of Charlotte Hale, Arnold, and Maeve, he replied that he didn’t want to make any assumptions. That, too, could mean a return of Wood in a new role.