Trayvon Martin: Racist Cop Says Black People 'Should Be Drowned At Birth'

Patrick Frye

Trayvon Martin became the target of a racist cop who is under investigation for making an alleged racially derogatory comment during a Winter Park police briefing in February.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Trayvon Martin family sued the homeowners association for the sub-division where Trayvon was shot and the lawsuit was recently settled. The Trayvon Martin family settlement is estimated to exceed $1 million. Reaching a settlement does not necessarily mean that the homeowners association is admitting any guilt, but lawyers say it's typically less expensive to settle rather than carry the lawsuit all the way through.

George Zimmerman's brother Robert went on a Twitter rant against Trayvon Martin, with some people alleging that Zimmerman's Trayvon Martin comments were racist.

Lt. Ron Johnson of the Winter Park police department was discussing the Trayvon Martin shooting case's one-year anniversary with fellow officers when he remarked, "This [Trayvon Martin] is why they should be drowned at birth." An internal investigation is saying the Trayvon Martin racist comments were in reference to black people in general. The police briefing was supposed to be about readying for any Trayvon Martin demonstrations in the area.

Ron Johnson was not fired and is instead being allowed to retire with full benefits after being a police officer for 27 years. The police department says this is the first time there has been a racially related complaint about Ron Johnson.

Police Chief Brett Railey spoke about one of his police officers making a racist comment about Trayvon Martin:

"Lt. Ron Johnson has been a part of our police family for many years and to have this occur after an otherwise distinguished career with our department is regretful. However, regardless of the individual and years of service, statements of this type are unacceptable in order to maintain the public's trust."

Do you think Ron Johnson should have been fired for his racist comments on Trayvon Martin and black people in general?

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