'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Flaunts Assets In Tiny Bikini Top To Watch The Sunset

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil wore a tiny bikini top to watch the sunset in a glorious, new photo shared with her 327 million social media followers. The self-professed nerdy redhead smiled for the camera in the stunning image, which has been liked 19,955 times and counting. It also contained a sweet message for her followers which included a plane and globe emoji.

The model appeared wistful in the statement she made in the caption attached to the photo. She appeared hopeful to be able to enjoy beautiful experiences once again, such as the one seen in the pic. It was not indicated where the photo was shot, but it could have been taken during Haley's Sports Illustrated bathing suit shoot for the latest issue of the publication. The magazine and its featured models traveled to Bali in Indonesia for coastline shots and landlocked Wyoming for stunning scenic shots, reported its official website.

In the close-up pic, Haley is wearing what appeared to be a woven brown triangle bikini top. The front of the garment was cut low in front to expose much of her cleavage. The tiny swimwear top barely covered her breasts and looked stunning. This allowed fans to get a good look at the model's stunning upper body, including her fair skin, toned shoulders, and upper arms as she held the camera for the selfie.

The model smiled brightly for the pic. Her auburn hair was worn parted in the middle and styled with loose waves. It fell down the sides of her face and then, split to fall down the front of her breasts and down her back. Haley's head was tilted backward in the image, so her tresses appeared even more full and lush. She wore thin, large hoop earrings on her earlobes.

Haley appeared to have worn little makeup in the pic, a marked difference from the stylized photos for the magazine where models normally wear a more enhanced look so their features stand out. Her auburn eyebrows seemed to have been filled in with a coordinating pencil. She appeared to have on mascara but not eyeliner. A natural glow could have come from a bronzer on her face, and her lips appeared to have been colored in with a brown lipstick to match the bikini top.Fans thought the image was stunning.

"Great picture. Great sunset. Great smile," stated one Instagram follower.

"Such a beautiful woman and gorgeous smile," remarked a second fan.

"Beautiful glow," said a third fan.

"Love following you you're beautiful you're funny and you have a great attitude," stated a fourth fan.