Marie Osmond Gives Her Daughter Toilet Paper-Themed Graduation Gift

Marie Osmond gave her daughter a pair of toilet paper-themed earrings as a graduation present. The singer and TV personality commemorated her daughter Abby's high school graduation by giving her the timely gift, as well as some wise words to go along with it.

Marie, 60, took to Instagram to share a photo of a not-so-thrilled Abby wearing the gold earrings with white beads shaped into a toilet paper roll. The mom of eight was pictured peeping over her daughter's shoulder as she pointed to the earrings.

In the caption to the pic, The Talk star explained the meaning behind the unusual gift as well as the important words she shared with her teen daughter.

Marie acknowledged that as a 2020 graduate, Abby has missed out on "a lot" in her final year of high school due to the ongoing health pandemic. While she revealed that she knows her daughter was disappointed about not having a traditional graduation ceremony, Marie explained that she is trying to keep things as upbeat as possible, so she gave her the earrings shaped as the hard-to-find product to represent life in 2020.

Marie wrote that her wish for Abby is that her life is like a roll of toilet paper: long and useful.

In addition to the unconventional grad gift, Marie gave her daughter an even more important gift in the form of a commencement speech filled with words of wisdom.

Marie shared the words to a famous poem about "habits" as she revealed that she would have liked someone say to these words to her years ago to help guide her through life. In a message to Abby, other members of the class of 2020, and everyone else, Marie noted that habits "make or break" a person. She then noted that she thinks the best habit is to strive to have a love-filled heart.

In comments to the post, fans thanked Marie for the encouraging words. Others raved about the adorable toilet paper earrings, which Marie noted were an Etsy find.

"So cute!! She won't forget that gift!!" wrote celebrity pal Kathy Hilton.

"This is 'gold!'" added another fan.

"Congratulations!!!! It does suck but things will get better," a third fan wrote. "You always inspire. Here's to the year of toilet paper!"

"Those earrings! And such good advice Marie!" another wrote.

Other Instagram fans revealed that Marie's words will come in handy for their own graduates. Others pointed out that while the class of 2020 was robbed of a traditional milestone, they will hopefully learn and grow from it as they later look back on the experiences and hidden blessings they were given during these unprecedented times.