Donald Trump Says Sports Will Be Back ‘Fairly Soon’

Donald Trump speaks from the Truman Balcony
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Donald Trump said that he believes sports will return “fairly soon” during a wide-ranging interview with Sharyl Attkisson on her program, Full Measure. The president gave the interview on Sunday and the transcript of the program shows him talking about everything from taking hydroxychloroquine, to his claims that he recently spoke to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the prospects of sports being back in a very big way.

Attkisson turned the conversation to sports by asking Trump about throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. She mentioned President George Bush helped the country heal after the events of September 11, 2001, by showing baseball was safe again.

The journalist was comparing those events to how the country can come back from the coronavirus outbreak. After she pointed out Bush’s throwing out the first pitch, she asked Trump if he’d like to do something similarly symbolic.

The president started his answer by saying that he’d already thrown the first pitch before.

“I’ve thrown it at Yankee Stadium. I’ve thrown it at Boston. I’ve thrown it in Chicago before I was even president. I don’t care about throwing the first. The first pitch doesn’t mean anything to me. What does mean something to me is getting sports back,” he replied.

After saying he thought the most important thing was to make sure sports come back, he said it thought it would happen “fairly soon.” He added that he’d recently talked to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and that football was looking “really good.”

Trump said golf and baseball are coming back. He also said he wished baseball would have started sooner, but he believes all the major sports are going to be starting back up in the near future.

Major League Baseball, the NHL, and the NBA are all in the process of figuring out a way to return this summer. The NHL recently circulated a plan that would continue the 2019-20 season with a playoff format that would include 24 of the league’s 30 teams. The NBA has talked about potentially finishing its season by playing every game in one location.

MLB owners have sent several different proposals to the player’s union, and both sides are working through details so that they can begin their 2020 season. As Trump noted, the NFL has been able to carry out its business by using remote working policies, like holding its draft entirely online.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this weekend, the league’s official plan at the moment is to assume there will be packed stadiums this fall. Troy Vincent, the executive vice president of football operations, said they are planning for the best outcome, and will adjust those plans to half-, or third-full stadiums if they need to.