Two Employees Of The Same Great Clips Hair Salon Test Positive For COVID-19, Exposed Nearly 140 People

Helen Storms

Two different hairstylists at the same Great Clips Hair Salon in Springfield, Missouri, have tested positive for COVID-19. It has been determined that now nearly 140 clients have been exposed to the virus, according to Today.

In the state of Missouri, hair salons are permitted to open but only under special conditions. Most importantly, social distancing must still be practiced as much as possible in order to keep customers and employees safe. Both of the hair stylists that tested positive at this particular hair salon, as well as their clients, have been wearing face masks since the location re-opened.

One of the two hair stylists that tested positive for COVID-19 worked for a total of eight days. Throughout this time, they showed symptoms of the coronavirus. Over the course of the eight days, the hair stylist exposed 91 people to the virus, with seven individuals being fellow employees and 84 individuals being customers that came in to get their hair cut.

The second stylist that tested positive for COVID-19 worked a total of only five days and reportedly presented only "very mild symptoms." Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that 56 additional clients were "potentially directly exposed" because they had been in the salon with the stylist.

Health officials will be reaching out to the clients that entered the salon during the time that either of these two employees were working. The city of Springfield is now offering to test anyone that has been exposed for COVID-19.

"At this time, this is the only other positive result we have had from those tested as a result of the previous exposure," the city said in a statement this weekend.

Great Clips has yet to comment any further on the situation. However, the co-owners of this particular salon did speak out to assure the public that the first stylist that tested positive for COVID-19 "is following medical advice and taking appropriate actions."

They did not provide any additional information regarding the second stylist that tested positive.

This Great Clips location is currently closed to allow employees a chance to properly sanitize and disinfect the salon before welcoming any more clients inside.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, whether or not it is safe to be getting a haircut amid the pandemic has been a controversial topic. Recently The Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton came under fire for saying she drove from California to Arizona just to get her hair done. Many people on social media did not deem this essential travel.