Sophie Van Oostenbrugge Powers Through Intense Ab Routine In Snug Gray Shorts And Black Sports Bra

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge snaps a selfie
Sophie Van Oostenbrugge / Instagram

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge challenged her 1.4 million Instagram followers with an intense ab-focused workout routine via the latest video on her page.

In each of the four clips, the Dutch fitness influencer rocked a black sports bra and two-toned gray shorts. With her brown hair in a messy low ponytail, she started the circuit with a set of wall tuck-ins.

For this exercise, she performed a handstand, placing both feet against a wall behind her. Then she raised one knee toward her chest before returning it to its original position and repeating the exercise on the other side. In her caption, Sophie recommended doing three sets of 10 repetitions.

In the second video, she knocked out a set of toe touches. Sophie was lying on her back for this exercise and raised her legs into the air, keeping them straight throughout the exercise. With her arms lifted over her head, she raised her upper body toward her legs, reaching for her toes while she did so. Her caption suggested 15 reps per set for three rounds.

The third clip saw her assume a plank position at the start before she performed a pushup. After that, she alternated tapping her shoulders with each hand. Next, she completed the compound exercise with forward arm raises performed one after the other. She recommended doing eight of these in a set and to repeat it three times

Sophie ended the circuit in the next video with a set of alternating straight-leg raises. She was lying on her back for this one and kept her hand at her sides. She lifted her leg until her foot lined up with her waist and quickly lowered it. Next, she repeated the exercise with the other leg. Her caption suggested three sets of 15 repetitions on each side.

In the post’s more than 100 comments, some fans gushed over her beauty. One commenter was more effusive with their praise than others.

“You are the most beautiful and sweetest woman in the world I have ever seen,” one person wrote before adding a string of heart-eye emoji to their comment. “You do your job very well and show women an incredibly good way. Congratulations Sophie! Love from Turkey!!! Angel. Very nice workout SOPHİE.”

In addition to the compliments about her physical attractiveness, there were some Instagram users who reacted to the workout demonstration. Several of them seemed intimidated by its apparent difficulty.

“Okay if I do that I think will not be able to move after that,” a second commenter wrote.

And a third fan had a suggestion for future content.

“It would be amazing if you would start some live workouts! With your motivation and passion! I believe thousands of us would join in!” they commented.