Avital Cohen Sizzles In Bright Red Crop Top And Leggings In New Gym Workout Video

Avital Cohen gave fans a glimpse of one of her gym workout sessions via the latest video on her Instagram page. In the shared clip, the Israeli fitness model rocked a bright red crop top and a pair of matching leggings. The top featured short sleeves, a low scoop neckline, and ruching on the sides. Her leggings were high-waisted and included ruching down the center at the back.

With her long brown hair in a low ponytail, Avital started her workout with some brisk squat repetitions at the Smith Machine. Positioned with a barbell across her shoulders, Avital raised and lowered the weight as she bent and straightened her knees.

In the next video, Avital leaned over a bench, placing one knee on it while she kept the other leg straight. Propping herself up with her arms, she lifted the straightened leg and lowered it. Then she slowly swung it from one side to the other.

After that, Avital performed a set of jump squats in front of a mirror. Next, she knocked out a series of curtsy lunges which required her to take large diagonal steps backward before bending both legs.

When she was done with those, Avital loosened her ponytail and struck an alluring pose.

The post was sponsored content for Red Line Energy, a line of fitness drinks, so Avital was also seen gulping down one of their products during the video.

In her caption, Avital wrote about her happiness that coronavirus lockdown restrictions had lifted where she lived. She also listed some of the negative emotions she experienced during quarantine, but she wrote that she had remained hopeful nevertheless.

The video was viewed more than 15,000 times in under 15 minutes of going live, and close to 100 Instagram users have commented on it. In the comments, her fans shared their positive reactions to her workout demonstration.

"It's wonderful to see the passion and commitment that you put into your training," one person wrote. "You are a fantastic person... beautiful... sweet! You're amazing. Congratulations. Love you. Kisses from Italy."

"Talk about working out!!!" another added. "Everyone else is being lazy in there, while you're over here doing jump squats."

"You look truly very beautiful and I am glad you had a wonderful time at the gym. Hope you feel good now," a third fan wrote before sharing that they were still living under a lockdown.

"Omg, my dedicated, strong, gorgeous angel Avital!" a fourth commenter gushed. "You inspire so much omg! So inspiring to see! You are a blessing always. Wish you a great Sunday."