Daisy Keech And Abby Rao Go Skin-To-Skin In Super-Steamy Spread

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The Clubhouse Beverly Hills co-founders and models Daisy Keech and Abby Rao clearly share a special relationship. When Daisy left Hype House earlier this year, Abby wasted no time in teaming up with her to establish a new setting for the two — as well as multiple other TikTok and Instagram stars — to flex their creative muscle by crafting the same kind of sizzling content they’ve become famous for.

As first evidenced by an Instagram update from Daisy on May 24, she and Abby may have gotten closer than ever for an ultra-steamy photo shoot that saw the duo go skin-to-skin in a most seductive manner while lounging on a chair swing. And while the two have posed together on multiple occasions previously, their latest offering will undoubtedly reach a whole new level of riling their adoring masses.

In the post’s accompanying caption, Daisy admonished fans to “chill” because the two are “sisters,” and Abby opined that “family isn’t always blood” in her own Instagram update featuring the pictorial. Nevertheless, the two-photo slideshow managed to give off a distinctly sensual vibe.

In the first snapshot of Daisy’s post, the 20-year-old was on top of her Clubhouse cohort with her legs spread, in an almost mounted position. With each woman sporting tiny, two-piece bikinis in white, their long legs touched, with Daisy’s blanketing Abby’s below her. Meanwhile, Abby held her arm up, embracing Daisy on one side.

As she did so, she pursed her famously full lips, as if to tempt Daisy into joining her for a soft, sweet kiss. All the while, the incredible curvature of Daisy’s back and booty were prominently displayed as she arched her body upward.

The second photo in the pictorial was taken from a slightly different angle. This time, Daisy peered quizzically into the camera and pulled her upper half away from Abby beneath her. As she did so, Abby kept in firm contact with her friend, holding her leg between Daisy’s thighs as if to keep her close.

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Family isn’t always blood ???? @daisykeech

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Unsurprisingly, the seemingly intimate affair between Daisy and Abby went ablaze on Instagram in no time flat. In less than an hour after the post went live on the platform, more than 200,000 users had hit the like button. Meanwhile, nearly 2,000 comments were left.

“Are you kidding? You girls are everything,” opined fellow Instagram maven and model Mathilde Tantot in a comment.

“Friendship Goals,” wrote one fan.

“I need a friendship like this,” commented another admirer.

While Daisy and Abby undoubtedly look incredible together, the former has been burning up social media all by herself recently. As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Daisy posted a photo on May 23 that featured her killer curves and cleavage in another tight bikini.